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Dependable Heating Oil Delivery in Malden, MA

Middlesex County residents know whom to call for heating oil and home comfort: Cubby Oil & Energy

Heating oil delivery malden

Cubby Oil & Energy has been delivering heating oil to homes and businesses in Malden, Massachusetts, and throughout the Greater Boston area for decades. Our loyal customers choose us because they know that, no matter what Mother Nature may bring, Cubby will be there with fast, expert service.

Cubby customers overwhelmingly choose our free Automatic Delivery service. As an Automatic Delivery customer, you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel, even during a long cold stretch. Our computerized delivery system tracks your usage so that we can bring you your fuel long before there is any danger of running out.

Our Bioheat Super Plus™ fuel is better for the planet and for your home.

We deliver one of the cleanest heating fuels in Massachusetts: Bioheat Super Plus fuel. It is a 50/50 blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which comes from recycled and organic feedstocks like plant oils, algae, and recycled cooking grease. Our heating oil also has a premium additive that improves your heating system’s performance and longevity.

You can use Bioheat Super Plus fuel in your heating equipment without modification. It vastly lowers carbon emissions and reduces the number of cleanings and repairs your system will need!

We make paying for your heating oil easy

We know that budgeting for heating oil can be stressful, and we help you by offering this pricing and payment options.

  • Smart Pay Budget Plan — Don’t get hit with huge winter fuel bills. Spread out your heating oil costs over up to 11 monthly installments.
  • Capped Oil Price Program — This program sets a maximum rate for your heating oil, but if the price drops below the cap, you pay the lower price! There is a small fee for enrollment.
  • Auto Pay — Don’t risk another check getting lost in the mail. Give us a credit card or checking account number, and we’ll bill you automatically.
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Cubby’s other home comfort services

Our customers know that they are just a phone call away from dependable, affordable, professional heating and cooling equipment repairs and service.

Cubby’s expert HVAC technicians can install the following products:

Proudly serving the people of Malden, MA!

In 1640, a group of Puritans settled on land purchased from the local Pennacook tribe. Their settlement was first called Mistick Side. It was considered part of Charleston until 1649, when it was incorporated as its own town under its current name. It was incorporated as a city in 1882.

In the Revolutionary era, Malden was the first town to petition the colonial government to secede from Britain.

Some of Malden’s most famous residents include:

  • The artist Frank Stella
  • Senator Ed Markey
  • E. Florence Barker, the first president of the National Woman’s Relief Corps
  • The actor Walter Brennan

Customer reviews

I would highly recommend Cubby Oil & Energy. The serviceman came right down. He was very knowledgeable. My oil tank’s auto feed broke, and there was water going everywhere. He removed the broken auto feed and bypassed it. He vacuumed and drained the water out, and he made sure that everything was running fine before he left. I am so grateful. This was a Friday night, and it was very cold. This was excellent service. Cubby cares.” —Bob W.

Cubby Oil & Energy technicians are always professional and courteous. They are easy to work with, and they respect your property.” —Stephen C.

Contact Cubby Oil & Energy today and ask us why we should be your fuel, home comfort, and energy savings company.

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