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A Service Plan for Heating Equipment Makes a Big Difference

Enroll in a Cubby Heating Oil Service Plan, Relax and Start Saving

Periodic maintenance is the best way to prevent breakdowns! That’s why our tune-up service is the cornerstone of our Service Plan program, which also provides you with repair discounts and guaranteed priority service.

Invite us to your home to perform a tune-up on your heating equipment and you will enjoy all of these benefits:

  • lower heating costs due to less fuel usage—an annual tune-up helps keep your system running at its peak efficiency, cutting your fuel bills by as much as 10%
  • fewer peak-season equipment failures because we spot and repair worn parts before they break
  • longer heating equipment life, because a boiler or furnace running in peak operating condition will last longer due to reduced wear and tear on mechanical parts
  • better environmental protection by cutting unnecessary fuel emissions

We will clean each system thoroughly, lubricate and oil as needed and replace any worn parts. Not only do our expert technicians conduct a careful visual inspection of all key components, they also use sophisticated electronic testing equipment to measure efficiency and ensure optimum operation. Here’s a closer look at what they do when they’re in your home doing a tune-up:

  • Draft overfire and stack temperature: These two tests measure the volume of air and amount of heat going up your chimney.
  • Draft at breech: This measures the draft inside the system; a weak draft won’t vent combustion products properly. If the draft is too strong, however, heat will be pulled out of your home.
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels will be tested to see how airtight your system is. If a high level is found, your Cubby technician will know your system has air leaks. He will find these leaks and seal them.
  • Smoke reading: Smoke indicates that not all of your fuel is turning into heat when burned. Smoke also forms a layer of build-up in your system, reducing efficiency.
  • Total efficiency: This testing combines all of the readings taken to give an overall efficiency rating of your system. If the reading is too low, it may be time to replace your system.

If you want to schedule a tune-up, please call or request service here. And feel free to contact us today if you would like additional information about a heating oil service plan.

We can handle any rebates offered through Mass Save or the MA Energy Marketers Association for heating and cooling systems.

We Guarantee It!

Our certified and experienced technicians will fix your equipment right the first time. If the same part we worked on breaks within a year, we repair it at no cost.

Hot Tip—Before you call us, click on our troubleshooting page to see if you can save money and get your unit running immediately with no cost or delay.

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