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Water Heater Repair in Cambridge and the Greater Boston region

A good, steady supply of hot water is one of those things that we just can’t live without, which is why it’s so important to make sure that your water heater is properly maintained. There are certain things you as a homeowner can do to help extend the life of your water heater, such as occasionally draining water from the spigot at the bottom of your tank. But if your water heater is showing signs of a problem, please don’t hesitate to give Cubby a call.

Our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair common water heater problems, so if your water heater can be repaired, you can rest assured that we can do the job. However, if your water heater is older (8 to 10 years old), it may be time to consider a replacement.

Signs that You May Need a New Water Heater

Water heaters often don’t let you know in advance that they are going to fail, but there are certain signs you can look for to give you a heads-up that it may be time to consider calling us for a new water heater installation.

Rusty water:  Rusty water is a sign that your water heater is rusting from the inside. If this is the case, you are at risk of a leak.

Noise: Rust and sediment on the bottom of the tank can harden. If this happens, your water heater is not long for this world, and it may signal this by rumbling or making other strange noises.

Water on the floor: If your water heater is leaking, then the chances are pretty good that it will have to be replaced. Call Cubby right away so we can take a look and give you our expert opinion.

Of course one of the first signs that you may have a problem is water taking too long to heat up, or a limited supply of hot water. Remember that your water heater works hard every day, so it’s not unreasonable to assume you’ll have to replace it every 10 years or so. But every household is different; in homes with a lot of people taking lots of showers, you may need to replace your water heater sooner.

Call Cubby Oil & Energy for a Boston Water Heater Inspection

Many people don’t know that there are things you can do to keep your water heater working properly longer. When you call Cubby Oil & Energy for your annual heating system tune-up, tell the customer service representative that you would also like the technician to inspect your water heater. This will help you make a decision about when you may want to replace your water heater—before or after there’s a problem.

Our equipment experts will be happy to discuss your options when it comes to water heaters, and you can feel confident that our installation technicians will do the job right so you won’t have to worry about hot water for a long time to come.

For more information and answers about water heaters, we encourage you to contact Cubby today.

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