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Reliable Home Heating Oil Delivery in the Boston Area

Cubby Customers Can Count on Safe, Dependable Deliveries No Matter What Winter Brings

Cubby Oil has been providing our Greater Boston customers with dependable heating oil delivery since 1945. Much has changed since then, but our commitment to reliable, responsive service has remained steadfast. Our hundreds of positive reviews reflect that.

We have put advances in technology to work for our customers to improve our service while also improving the quality of fuel that we deliver to your homes. Cubby Oil is the only fuel dealer in the area to deliver B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ fuel, a superior fuel that is cleaner burning, more energy efficient, and better for the environment than any other heating oil product.

The Bioheat SuperPlus™ fuel Advantage

You can be proud to heat your home with our B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ fuel! It is a blend of 50% ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and 50% biodiesels that are made from natural resources such as plant oils, algae, and recycled commercial cooking grease.

This blend burns so cleanly, that it has much fewer greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas! This clean-burning is also better for your home’s heating system because it leaves fewer deposits on heat registers, so there’s less wear, fewer breakdowns, and a longer life expectancy. You also get improved energy efficiency that can substantially lower your heating costs.

Because B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ fuel contains so much less heating oil, it helps to increase America’s energy independence.

We take the quality of our Bioheat SuperPlus™ fuel to the next level by also including a top-quality additive to every gallon of Bioheat SuperPlus™ fuel we deliver. This additive provides extra protection for your heating oil tank and helps to keep your heating system operating cleanly by keeping impurities out.

Heating Oil Delivery Options

Option 1: Automatic Delivery

oil delivery massachusettsMost of our customers are on an automatic schedule. Our computer system tracks how much fuel your home will typically use based on how cold it is outside. We will deliver fuel automatically to you, usually when your tank gets to be one-quarter full. The result: No more tank watching, no more run-outs and no more calling for a delivery.

Instead of having to call every time you need more oil, you don’t have to do a thing. Your Cubby driver will simply come to your home and fill your tank based on the schedule we have built for you.

There is no need to schedule and wait for deliveries, and you’ll avoid the expense and hassle of having your system primed for restart—something that is required after a run-out.

Bonus: Automatic customers are eligible to sign up for either our Capped or Fixed Oil Price Plans before winter arrives.

Option 2: Calling for Your Deliveries

For customers who prefer to watch the fuel level of their storage tank, no problem! Cubby is ready and able to oblige.

With our large fleet of trucks, we can get fuel to you when others can’t—faster and more reliably. So if you prefer to call us with your order, that’s fine. Just remember a few important points:

  • You need to keep track of your own oil level and call us when you need a delivery. You can also order heating oil and pay for it online through your Cubby account.
  • We must get a 24-hour notice for a delivery request. For example, if you want to get oil on a Wednesday, call our office on Tuesday morning and a ticket will be printed and assigned to a driver for the next day. We suggest giving us even more notice if there is a storm coming or we’re locked in a long cold spell.
  • A good rule of thumb is to call when the level of your tank reads about 25% full.
  • A minimum 100-gallon delivery is required.
  • Cubby is not responsible for run-outs if you do not provide enough notice for delivery. In some cases, we can make a same-day delivery if you have a run-out or you’re close to running out. Extra charges may apply.

Our track record for reliable supply and fair, transparent pricing for heating has always been one of our strongest competitive advantages. Every year, we hear about competitors who haven’t secured their fuel properly, but when you’re a Cubby Oil & Energy customer, you’ll never have to worry about not having enough heating oil in your tank.

If you have questions about an oil heat delivery or want more information about our heating oil delivery service, please email us or call our office. You can also find more information on our FAQs page.

We Guarantee it!

We guarantee fair, transparent pricing for heating oil. Check your ZIP Code to see if we service your area.

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