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Heating Oil Delivery in Essex County, MA

Cubby Oil & Energy provides reliable delivery and quality service!

The comfort and safety of your family is always our primary concern here at Cubby Oil & Energy. We work hard every day to ensure that you’re happy with both our heating oil delivery and equipment service. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we never stop trying to improve. Our goal is to always be the best, which is why we only deliver B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™. Our commitment has led hundreds of customers to give us five-star reviews.

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Cubby Oil & Energy: Satisfaction guaranteed!

Are you in search of a heating oil company to keep your Essex County home warm all winter? Look no further than Cubby Oil & Energy! We offer dependable heating oil delivery and top-quality HVAC equipment installation and service.

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Heating oil delivery: When you need heating oil delivery, Cubby is the company to trust. We’ve been serving Middlesex County and the surrounding areas for over 70 years, so you know we’re not going anywhere. And unlike some fly-by-night discounters, we’ll always be there for you when you need us most. Automatic Delivery is one of our most popular services because it gives customers peace of mind by ensuring they never run out of heating oil. Our algorithm tracks usage history and current/future weather conditions to make a delivery before you even realize you’re getting low. Additionally, we only deliver top-quality cleaner-burning B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ so that customers can be assured they’re receiving the best product possible.

Pricing and payment options: Here at Cubby, we understand that you want to be able to control your heating oil costs as much as possible. To help with this goal, we offer an array of pricing and payment options so you can find the plan that fits you best. With Smart Pay, you can space out payments over 11 months without stress or interest. You could also go with our Auto Pay option to make sure bills are always paid on time automatically. If variable prices throw off your monthly budgeting, sign up for Capped Oil Price and never worry about big jumps in cost again!

Equipment installation and service: At Cubby Oil & Energy, we’re dedicated to offering premier HVAC and comfort equipment services. All of our service technicians are reputable professionals who are insured and well versed in the latest technology. Cubby also offers specials on equipment. We’ll help you get any rebates your equipment qualifies for. We sell, install, maintain and repair the following equipment:

Commercial services: We work with local businesses, apartment building owners, landlords and property managers to provide commercial heating system services, heating oil delivery and commercial gas supply and gas brokering services.

Bioheat SuperPlus™: Comfort, efficiency and energy efficiency!

Cubby Oil & Energy’s B50 Bioheat SuperPlus is the top home heating solution. This 50-50 blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesels made from plant oils, recycled commercial cooking oils, algae and other natural resources provides a cleaner burn while delivering optimal performance.

Not only does our fuel burn cleaner than natural gas, but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.

B50 Bioheat SuperPlus is eco-friendly and also advantageous for your home’s heating system. Since it burns cleaner, there are fewer deposits left behind, lessening the wear on your furnace or boiler. This equates to more efficient performance, lower heating costs, fewer breakdowns and an extended life expectancy for your furnace or boiler.

Cubby Oil & Energy has fans in Essex County!

“I recently helped a friend sign up with Cubby after her bad experience with her prior oil company. Cubby was very responsive and professional. They identified the critical issues with her system during their first visit, which were completely ignored by her prior oil company. Cubby provided fast service with a very fair price. They went above and beyond what they proposed and fixed some cosmetic issues at no charge. They far exceeded her expectations, and she is very happy that she switched to Cubby. She will definitely recommend Cubby to her friends.” — Terry T.

“I have been a customer of Cubby for 28 years! From the moment I met Charlie, and all through the years, they have been nothing but excellent, courteous, responsive and above all accommodating and timely. I would recommend them to anyone. Everyone there is wonderful to deal with. Both heating and cooling problems have always been handled quickly and accurately. Love you people.” — Anne S.

Essex County: History, community and more

Essex County was created as one of the original counties of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1643. It was here where the late 17th-century witch hysteria led to the tragedy of the Salem Witch Trials, which cost 25 people their lives, either through execution or dying in jail.

Essex County was one of the major port regions in the Colonies through the American Revolution into the 19th century. Fishing, trading and shipbuilding were major industries and the Industrial Revolution later brought factories and mills to the area.

Today, Essex County is a major suburban area for Boston. Tourism to areas such as Salem and beach towns such as Rockport, Beverly and Newbury are also an important industry.

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