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Our Pricing Programs Give You the Power

Cubby gives you the power to determine how your price will be set. You can pay our competitive daily rate, which moves up and down with the oil market, or add a price cap for extra protection against any significant increases in any season.

We know this can feel confusing because it is impossible to predict which way fuel prices will head in any given year. But our team is here to help you make the best choice for your particular needs. Before you call us, consider the differences between these two options.

Market Price from Variable Price

  • our regular competitive daily rate, chosen by most customers
  • simple and easy
  • your price rises and falls with the market
  • no extra commitment or costs
  • contact us so we can discuss which fuel purchasing option you think will work best for you

Capped Oil Price Program

  • This program limits how much your price can rise, but not how far it can fall; if our retail price drops below the capped price, you pay whichever is lower.
  • Each year, the capped price is determined by the retail market price at the time the plan is offered.
  • There is a cost for this program because our suppliers charge us a premium for offering the “insurance” that allows us to keep your fuel price from skyrocketing while also giving us the flexibility to lower your price should retail market prices fall.
  • The Capped Oil Price Program does not guarantee you will always save money. It gives you more stability and protection against price shocks.

Contact us so we can discuss which fuel purchasing option you think will work best for you.

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