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Staying Safe and Looking to the Future

Dear Friends, As I write this, the decimating effects of the coronavirus are coming into full view. None of us are escaping unscathed. My deepest hope is that you are well, and have not lost someone close to you. Early on, we decided that our priority was the safety of our people and customers. I […]

3 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Smart Pay and Auto Pay. Our monthly Smart Pay budget plan makes payments easier to manage by spreading your yearly fuel costs out over 10 months. This drastically reduces your winter fuel payments. Add Autopay for easy automatic payments from your bank or credit card. Our mobile app. For easy, 24-hour access to your account, […]

A Cleaner, Greener Choice

“My wife and I try to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We were able to choose a B20 Bioheat oil blend for six years, and then we immediately switched to B30 when that became available. And when Cubby notified us last year that they were increasing the Bioheat percentage to B40 (40%), […]

Oil Heat’s Future: Net-Zero CO2 Emissions

Forward-thinking industry leaders have embraced an impressive vision for oil heat. They are driving the engines of progress and creating a brighter future for the industry — and for oil heat customers too. Stay with oil heat and enjoy the ride! The Path to a Greener Future More than 300 leaders from the heating oil […]

Special Savings on Efficient Home Comfort

Thanks to current incentives, this is a great time to trade up to high-efficiency cooling and heating options — equipment that can lower your energy costs and increase your comfort. Buy now and schedule your installation by June 30 and you’ll save tons of money with a combination of great rebates. Even if you’re not […]

New Equipment, Lower Fuel Bills

Last fall, Bill M., of Waltham, knew his heating system was on its last legs. Instead of taking a chance on a breakdown happening during a winter cold snap, Bill called us to explore his options. “I scheduled a free estimate and Paul Finnegan, the service manager, got back to me in two days,” says […]

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