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Bioheat® Versus Electrification and Heat Pumps

Dear Friends, You might be surprised to learn that I believe we need to eliminate all fossil fuel use in the heating sector in order to reduce the irreparable harm that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are causing our environment. Since time is rapidly running out, the question is how best to accomplish that quickly and […]

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Our Safety Protocols

Our skilled technicians can service or install your equipment with little or no personal contact. Here is what to expect when you need service from us. Our technicians follow CDC-recommended safety precautions and wear masks, gloves and foot coverings while in your home. Whenever possible, they will enter your home through a basement or side […]


Preparing for this Moment

While the events of the past several months have been unexpected, in many ways, we’ve been preparing for this moment for years. After the cataclysmic snowstorms in 2016, we made the decision to accelerate our investment in technology so we could serve our customers anytime, from anywhere. That preparation is clearly helping now: We can […]


A Clean Fuel Backed by Great Service

Eric D. of Winchester is a big Cubby fan! “My father and grandfather were their customers too because Cubby delivers great service,” he says. “Recently, I had a problem, called for service and Charlie answered the phone — at 9 p.m.!” Since he’s had such a good experience, we asked Eric if he would be […]

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Q: Is now a good time to upgrade my heating system? A: Yes. Why risk going into another winter with old, unreliable equipment? Cold weather or a leaky boiler will often force customers into an emergency installation. In fact, we see the majority of older boilers fail in the late fall or early winter. Old, […]


More Dangerous Than Poppies

The wicked witch attempted to use poppies to send Dorothy into a permanent sleep. Carbon monoxide (CO) can do that for real. CO is created when any kind of fuel is burned, but it’s vented safely to the outside. That’s why it’s important to have all fuel-burning devices serviced regularly by a professional. This will […]

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The Yellow Brick Road to Savings

Technological breakthroughs have brought in a new era of higher efficiency and tremendous savings for anyone who uses oilheat. The combination of increasingly efficient oil heating systems and continuous improvements with ultra-low-sulfur Bioheat® fuel is the one-two punch that will help homeowners in the years ahead. Some new oilheat systems have efficiency ratings in the […]

Dorothy Was in Hot Water. Are You?

With hot water usage significantly higher in most homes this year, some people have found that their water heater is not capable of keeping up with the increased demand. If it’s taking longer for your water to heat, the water doesn’t get as hot as it did before or you simply keep running out of […]