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Heating Oil Keeps You Comfortable, Warm, and Safe

Our B50 Blend Bioheat® Fuel: Great for Your Family and the Environment Today, homeowners have many options to heat their homes, and it can be challenging to know if you’re using the best energy source for your family, budget, and carbon footprint. Simply put, this is a fantastic time to live in an oil-heated Massachusetts […]

Meeting All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

We Deliver More Than Oil! If you are a Boston area business owner looking to install a commercial-grade boiler or a landlord fielding a 1 a.m. no-heat call from tenants, you need a heating services partner you can trust. Cubby Oil & Energy has the knowledge, staffing and proven track record to handle all your […]

What Size Oil Tank Does My Home Need?

We can help you choose the perfect tank. Nothing lasts forever, including oil tanks. Unlike many home appliances, your home heating system’s tank can last for decades. The average lifespan is about 25 years, but once your tank passes the 20-year mark, its age starts to show. Happily, Cubby Oil & Energy installs and services […]

How To Get Ready for a Heating Oil Delivery

5 Tips to Make Your Home Heating Delivery a Breeze It might not come as a surprise that home heating oil usage increases as the cold season kicks in. As boilers and furnaces rev up in Massachusetts, Cubby Oil’s delivery trucks take to the streets. During this time, it can be stressful for homeowners to […]

Bioheat Fuel: Part of the Climate Change Solution

Cubby Delivers Ultra-Clean B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ After another year of tumultuous weather, climate-change scientists have renewed calls for legislation to change our energy use in both transportation and building heating. However, the cost to electrify heating remains a major problem. According to data from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the cost to convert a 1,700-square-foot […]

Easier Ways To Manage Your Oil & Energy Bill Payments

Our Programs Save You Time and Reduce Paper Clutter Cubby Oil & Energy can help make your life easier, with our Auto Pay, paperless billing and Smart Pay monthly payment program. Let’s start with the Smart Pay Budget Plan, which is a great way to take control of your heating oil costs. Think about your […]

Heating Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Many People Rush Through the Process If you’re thinking about replacing your heating system soon, it’s well worth it to take time, do research, and ally with a trusted, experienced professional to get everything right. Unfortunately, many homeowners rush through the process of choosing and replacing their home heating system. As a result, they make […]

Why Do Heating Oil Prices Fluctuate?

How prices are determined and how to protect yourself If you have heated your home with heating oil for a while, you likely have noticed that heating oil prices can spike and sink very quickly over the course of a heating season. You may be worried about heating oil prices because of the way prices […]

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Save money while staying comfortable this winter! Between rising prices for everything from food to clothes to cars, the coming holidays and heating season may have you worried. Cubby is here to help with suggestions for helping to keep your energy costs down along with expert heating system service and delivery of high-efficiency B50 Bioheat […]

Mass Save Rebates & Financing May Be Ending Soon

Don’t miss this opportunity to save money! Mass Save, the organization that helps make improving your home’s energy efficiency more affordable, has long provided rebates and other incentives to Massachusetts homeowners with oil-fired home heating and water heating systems. Cubby has long worked with Mass Save to help our customers take advantage of those programs […]