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Keep Your Fuel Oil Tank Full In The Summer

Protect your tank and your home throughout the heat of summer It’s another beautiful New England summer, and we understand that the last thing you want to think about is winter. But, taking a few minutes to schedule a delivery of B40 Bioheat from Cubby Oil now can save you a lot of hassle and […]

paperless billing

Paperless Billing: Go Green And Keep Track Of Things Online!

Spending a great deal of time outdoors in the summer helps us appreciate the environment even more, and inspires us to want to do more to protect it. Aside from the clean, green Bioheat fuel we offer, Cubby Oil has even more ways you can help the environment and make your life easier in the […]

How To Budget Your Heating Oil With A Budget Plan

We hate to interrupt all the sun and fun of this summer, but you should spare a few minutes to think about the upcoming winter and keeping your greater Boston home warm, safe, and comfortable. Not many of us like to think about home heating when the beach is beckoning, but a small investment of […]

summer energy saving

Energy Savings This Summer: 5 Practical Tips

The temperature is creeping up here in greater Boston. And it’s going to keep doing that, as this summer is forecasted to be hotter than normal. As a result, your home’s air conditioning will be working harder for longer hours to keep your home cool and comfortable. On top of that, we’re at home far […]

spring sale

Time is Running Out On Our Spring Spectacular Sale!

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling equipment, you have to act fast and act now, because the end is near on our Spring Spectacular Sale! Investing today in qualifying heating, or cooling, equipment and scheduling the installation before June 30th deadline can allow you to get some sweet savings while they’re […]

Your Water Heater May Be Telling You It’s Time To Go

These days, people are spending a lot more time at home and because of that, they may be adding extra strain on important appliances like water heaters, shortening their life span. Don’t ignore any trouble signs you experience. Your water heater will often give you hints that it requires immediate repairs or needs to be […]

buy a home with heating oil

Why You Should Buy A Home That Uses Heating Oil

If you’re house-hunting here in Greater Boston, you have a lot of choices to make: What part of town you want to be, what style of house you want, and what kind of projects you’re willing to tackle. You should also be thinking about what heating fuel your new home will use. If you’re lucky, […]

spring sale

Last Chance! Take Advantage Of Our Spring Spectacular Sale!

Life can be pretty busy, even when you’re staying at home more (and sometimes especially then). But before your next Zoom meeting, take time to save yourself some big bucks now and in the future by upgrading your home’s heating, cooling, and water heating equipment with the Cubby Oil Spring Spectacular Sale! We’re telling you […]

ac condenser

Before You Turn On The A/C This Summer…

Follow these steps as you prepare for the season With Memorial Day weekend just days away, we’re inching closer to summer here in greater Boston. Lots of us are looking forward to warmer weather so we can go outside more after spending so much time indoors during the COVID-19 outbreak. Summer’s warmer temperatures also mean […]

bio fuel

The Levels Of Bioheat™: What Do They Mean?

Heating oil isn’t what it was back in your parents’ and grandparents’ day. Back then, heating oil had a reputation of being “dirty,” and bad for the environment. But so much has changed in the years since then. Advances in technology by the heating oil industry have let to heating oil to be cleaner burning […]

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