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What Does a Commercial Gas Broker Do?

Cubby is a trusted natural gas partner that can secure the best rates for your business. Do you manage a business in the greater Boston area that relies on natural gas for its operations? We probably don’t need to tell you that the last few years have been financially challenging. According to the U.S. Energy […]

Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System?

Three questions to ask when your heating & cooling is nearing retirement. As a business owner, you know that you can’t take anything for granted when it comes to your bottom line. Every monthly energy bill and unexpected repair can impact your profit margins. And your commercial HVAC system is a huge variable to consider. […]

Should You Get a Ductless Cooling System?

Ductless mini-splits are versatile and energy efficient. How old is your Boston-area home? If it was built before central air conditioning became common in the 1960s, it might not have ductwork. This is especially true if it’s heated with a hot water system (boiler). At Cubby Oil & Energy, we talk to lots of homeowners […]

Knock Allergies Down to Size with Our IAQ Fixes!

Air purifiers, humidifiers and other HVAC solutions for healthier air. There’s so much to love about spring in our region of New England, from blooming perennials to the first barbecues with friends and family. One thing that isn’t so pleasant is allergies. The air is filling up with tree and grass pollen, and weed pollen […]

What is Included in a Service Plan?

Protect your heating equipment with tune-ups and discounts on repairs. What kind of protection do you have for your boiler or furnace? Heating equipment is among the most vital and expensive parts of your home. You depend on it to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable during the most blustery days in Boston and […]

Does Your Air Conditioning Need a Repair?

5 warning signs that your central A/C system is struggling We all know that spring is the time for sprucing up homes and preparing for the warm months ahead. You might already be cleaning out the winter clutter in your home or planning which plants to put in your garden. While you’re at it, it’s […]

What Kind of Maintenance Do Water Heaters Need?

Three simple ways to help your hot water system last longer Very few things are as crucial to the comfort of your home as hot water. Think about it — from your morning shower to the moment you turn on the dishwasher after dinner, you count on a steady stream of hot water all day […]

What is a HEPA Air Purifier?

Let us help you find indoor air quality solutions that keep your family healthy. In the coldest weeks of the winter, families tend to spend even more time indoors than usual. And while it can be pleasant to get cozy in your toasty refuge from the frigid Boston area weather, there are definite downsides to […]

Can Heating Oil Freeze?

It may not turn to ice, but freezing fuel can still make you lose your heat In Boston and its surrounding towns, it doesn’t take long for run-of-the-mill winter weather to turn into something much colder — and more dangerous. Already this season, we’ve had multiple nights where temperatures dropped to the teens — and […]

How Long Will Your Water Heater Last?

Don’t wait for your water heater to fail to look for a replacement One of the perks of living in this day and age is having ready access to hot water. It’s easy to take for granted that you’ll get a reliable steam of warm water every time you open a tap. Bu hot showers […]