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Schedule Your Heating System Tune-up Now!

Don’t Risk A Breakdown With Further Procrastination If you put off getting your furnace or boiler its annual maintenance tune-up last year because of safety concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic—or you just forgot (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!)—now is the time to do so! Demand for tune-up’s continues to be high, […]

What Do I Do If My Oil Heating System Stops Working?

Troubleshooting Tips Before Requesting Service With winter’s chill settled in here in greater Boston, your home’s furnace or boiler is essential to keeping your home warm and comfortable. If your oil-fired heating system stops working, it’s a cause for worry. Your home can get uncomfortably—and unsafely—cold. You risk freezing and bursting pipes. And you may […]

Remember To Clear A Path To Your Oil Tank When It Snows

Help Us, Help You! Winter weather has been wicked this year here in greater Boston with multiple winter storms before we’ve made it halfway through January! Whether we get a big nor’easter or a run-of-the-mill Alberta Clipper, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough heating oil to keep your home comfortable. And with […]

Help! My Furnace Keeps Running After It Gets To Temperature

What To Do Before Requesting Service One of the great things about heating your home with our Bioheat® SuperPlus™ is that it gets your home warm faster, comparatively, than any other fuel source. But once your home gets warm, your furnace shouldn’t keep running. If it does, that’s a problem. It’s inefficient and will drive […]

Maintaining Your Home’s Heating Oil Tank

Is Your Tank Overdue For An Inspection? Have you checked out your home’s heating oil tank lately? Maybe you passed it while down in the basement getting holiday decorations or noticed it after a recent delivery of B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ from Cubby Oil. But if you haven’t taken a close look at it lately, now […]

Investing In Technology: Serving You Better With The Latest

How We Stay Ahead Of The Curve Nobody saw 2020 unfolding the way it did. Travel restrictions, curfews, various and ever-changing state and city protocols—many businesses simply we not ready or able to adapt to such drastic shifts. But Cubby Oil was prepared for it. That’s because we learned many lessons just a few short […]

The Future Of Bioheat In 2021

B50-100 Testing And Other Advancements Are Making Your Heating Oil Cleaner — And Greener! Cubby Oil is proud to deliver our B40 Bioheat SuperPlus™—one of the most environmentally friendly heating oils on the market—to homes and businesses all over greater Boston. What makes Bioheat SuperPlus superior to traditional heating oil? It’s biodiesel components. Biodiesel itself is […]

Recent Breakthroughs In Heating Technology

Find Out How To Make Your Heating More Efficient! Technology has changed so much about our world in recent decades. Think about it: The shopping that would have taken us most of a day, between driving to the grocery store, the mall, and other shops, can now be done at home with a few clicks […]

Should I Upgrade My Heating Equipment In Late Fall?

You Can Still Take Advantage Of Specials And Rebate Opportunities! If the recent turn towards cooler weather here in greater Boston has you thinking about the coming winter, its cold temperatures, and wondering if your home’s oil-fired heating system is up for the challenge of keeping your home warm and comfortable for the next four […]


Bioheat Vs. Electrification And Heat Pumps 

Why the electrification push is bad news for consumers like you With the growing concern over greenhouse gases and climate change, alongside the realization that the door is closing on the chance to stop catastrophic changes to our climate and environment, many are looking for solutions in terms of how we heat our homes. That […]