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Why is There Liquid Around My Air Conditioner?

Understanding & Troubleshooting A/C Leaks One of the most common air conditioning calls we get from Boston area homeowners involves water or another fluid gathering around their equipment. Sometimes this is accompanied by weak or warm airflow. Other times, it’s the only visible issue. There are a few reasons why liquid leaks from your A/C. […]

Heating Oil Discounter or Full-Service Company?

Cash-on-Delivery Discounters Make Big Promises but Don’t Deliver Here’s a simple fact about the home comfort business: anyone can sell heating oil at discount prices. We know many companies in Boston and surrounding towns try to win customers with “too-good-to-be-true” low prices. But when the going gets tough — because of increased demand, diminished supply, […]

Home Cooling Efficiency Tips for the Summer

Simple Ways To Stay Comfortable and Save on Energy Bills Summer can be a lot of fun, but that fun gets expensive quickly. Whether you’re planning a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard, a week-long vacation or a large backyard cookout with the extended family, you’ll find the expenses piling up. And it’s not like everyday […]

Protect Your Home Comfort Investment

Learn How Service Plans Ensure HVAC Efficiency & Longevity Your home’s heating equipment is an investment. When you choose to install a heating system, you’re investing in your home’s value, your family’s comfort, and a more efficient, eco-friendly house. Doesn’t it make sense to protect that new comfort equipment so it runs effectively in the […]

How Safe Is Bioheat® Fuel?

Today’s Heating Oil is Clean-Burning and Completely Safe Massachusetts families have used oil to keep their homes warm and comfortable for nearly 200 years, and the fuel they’ve burned has changed quite a bit in that time. It’s become much cleaner and safer in the process. At Cubby Oil & Energy, we’re proud to deliver […]

Service Your Heating System in the Summer

Get the Best Appointment and Be Ready for Heating Season With the summer temperatures creeping higher by the day, you might not have thought about your boiler or furnace in weeks. We get it, but the summer is a fantastic time to bring Cubby Oil & Energy’s service technicians to your Boston area home. Taking […]

Envisioning a Greener Future with Bioheat® Fuel

The State Mandate is Delayed, but We’re Pressing Forward with B50 Heating Oil Last September, Gov. Charlie Baker established the Commission on Clean Heat in the Commonwealth. Its mission was to advise Baker’s administration on a framework for long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions from heating fuels. Charlie Uglietto, President and Owner of Cubby Oil & […]

Smart Pay: Even Smarter These Days!

Bring More Stability to Your Home Fuel Expenses With everything going on in the world, it’s no surprise that customers have been calling us, anxious about rising energy costs since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We hope this price spike is temporary. Like you, we are eager to see energy prices drop. When energy prices rise, […]

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning Now & Save Big!

Special Financing, Warranty, and Rebates You Don’t Want To Miss It’s really starting to warm up in the Northeast. Homeowners in Boston and the surrounding communities are turning on their cooling systems. As the summer swelter approaches, plenty of folks are staring at an old, cumbersome window air conditioner and dreading the idea of lugging […]

Is Spring Sending Your Allergies Into Overdrive?

Fixing Your Indoor Air Quality Woes What leaps to mind when you think of spring? Many people envision longer days, gentle showers, green buds and the start of baseball season. But for tens of millions of Americans, spring means sneezing, congestion and other respiratory issues. And the air inside your home can be 70 times […]