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Bioheat Vs. #2 Heating Oil Emissions

If you live in our Massachusetts service area and use fuel oil to heat your home, we have some good news for you (and your children): by using B20 Bioheat® from Cubby Oil & Energy, you won’t just be helping your heating equipment – you’ll be helping the planet. That’s because every gallon of Bioheat […]

Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Summer is in full swing here in Massachusetts – and with the hot, sticky weather we’ve been experiencing so far, your central air conditioner is probably working overtime keep your family comfortable. The problem with all of that overtime work, of course, is that it can accelerate the wear and tear on your cooling equipment – […]

How do I air condition a house without ductwork?

It used to be that if you owned a Boston-area home without built-in ductwork, your options for cooling it were limited to window A/C units or ceiling fans (or, costly whole-house duct installation, if it was even possible!). But in recent years, a different option has been gaining popularity – and for good reason. Ductless […]

Mass Save incentives make now a great time for a home comfort upgrade

Choosing when to upgrade a home comfort equipment is a significant decision for any homeowner – one that requires a fair amount of due diligence and research (not to mention help from experts) to get right! In many cases, the line between repairing and replacing a furnace, boiler , or water heater is a blurred one: […]

Get in the Earth Day spirit – order BioHeat® from Cubby!

This month we will celebrate the 49th annual Earth Day – an event conceived by then-Senator Gaylord Nelson to celebrate our planet and promote ideas that reduce our environmental impact. As we’ve learned over the last half-century, lightening our load on the Earth really comes down to two things: using smarter products, and making smarter […]

Nip spring allergies in the bud with Whole House Indoor Air Quality Systems from Cubby Oil

The arrival of spring means different things to different people: for snowbirds, it means a return home; for baseball fans, it means a return to the diamond. But for allergy sufferers, spring means something a little less fun: lots of sniffling, sneezing, and discomfort. Hiding indoors doesn’t do much to ease that suffering: in fact, […]

Five reasons to love Cubby

It’s the month of love here in Massachusetts – as in the love we have for what we do, and who we do it for (judging by the five-star average we have maintained over 450 customer reviews, that feeling appears to be mutual)! For more than 70 years, Cubby Oil & Energy has delivered quality […]

Save money and energy

Why Choose B20 Bioheat from Cubby Oil?

Want to serve your country, help the planet, save money, and add jobs to the economy – just by heating your home? Switch to Bioheat® fuel! Bioheat is a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional home heating oil – and Cubby Oil has plenty of it on hand to keep you warm this winter. Don’t know much […]

Season's Greetings

Cubby Oil & Energy: There for You This Holiday Season

The 2018 holidays are here, which means it’s time to spend time in your warm, cozy Massachusetts home and enjoy time with your friends and family – and to be grateful for all the wonderful things and people that surround you. At Cubby Oil & Energy, one of the things we’re most grateful for is […]

Pros and cons

Automatic Delivery vs. Will Call: Pros and Cons

When it comes to reliable heating oil delivery in the Boston area, there’s really only one choice: Cubby Oil & Energy. But when it comes to having your heating oil delivered to the Boston area, you actually have two choices: Automatic Delivery or Will Call Service. Here is a look at the pros and cons […]