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Capped Oil Price Plan

What is a Capped Oil Price Plan?

If you are reading this and it is June, it is that time of year again. Planning for winter has already begun in many industries including retail oil heat. Dealers have spent countless hours planning and purchasing oil now that won’t be delivered for almost a year. If you are thinking “boy that’s risky, no […]

Tankless Water Heater

Internal Tankless Water Heater…A Close Look

We recently learned about the different types of water heaters. Tankless water heaters come in two varieties; internal and external. Let’s take a detailed look at what an internal tankless heater is and how it produces hot water. Take a trip into your basement. If you do not see a standalone fuel-fired tank (gas, electric, […]

Ducted V. Ductless Air Conditioning

Ducted V. Ductless Air Conditioning.

The Heat Is On With Memorial Day right around the corner, the start of summer’s heat and humidity is soon to follow. Have you been thinking about adding some form of air conditioning system to your home? After all, your heating system keeps you comfortable in the winter. Don’t you deserve to be comfortable during […]

mini split air conditioner

Could a mini split air conditioner make summer more comfortable?

Summer Comfort Admit it, many of you have already thought about air conditioning and it’s only mid-April? It seems spring in New England gets shorter each year. Gone are those slow comfortable transitions from cold and snow to heat and humidity. Even if you are fortunate enough to have central air conditioning, is there an […]

Tune up

Oil Burner Service…What is Included in a Tune-Up?

We recently learned that an annual oil burner service or cleaning/tune-up can not only prolong the life of oil fired heating equipment but also ensure it is operating safely at maximum efficiency. With that said, have you ever wondered what a licensed technician does during this service? Let’s take an in-depth look what constitutes a […]

Proper Steam Boiler Maintenance

Important Tip For Proper Steam Boiler Maintenance

Cast iron low-pressure boilers can last for decades. 50 year old steam boilers, though not typical, are not unheard of particularly if they’re well cared for over the years. However, there is a tendency for owners to forget about an important regular steam boiler maintenance task that will help the unit run more efficiently and […]

Automatic heating oil Delivery

On Automatic Delivery? How does my oil company know I need oil?

Are you on automatic delivery with your oil company? Have you ever asked yourself “how does my oil company know I need oil”? It is really quite simple. Any reputable oil company will request a visit to your home as part of their account set-up process. During this visit, the company’s representative gathers information related […]

Oil Tank Leaking

First Sign an Oil Tank is Leaking

The most common size oil tank in the Boston area has a capacity of 275 gallons. No matter what it is, 275 gallons of anything sounds like a lot and it is. However, imagine 275 gallons of heating oil leaking from your oil tank onto your basement floor. The good news is oil tanks typically […]

Oil Tank Size

Oil Tank Size? How Big is My Oil Tank?

Welcome to your new oil heated home! If this is your first experience with oil heat you likely have some questions. New customers often ask “How do I know the size of my oil tank”? or “How many gallons does my oil tank hold”? The most common above ground oil tank size is 275 gallons […]