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Winter Tips for Getting Your Boiler or Furnace Ready for the Season Ahead

As the holidays approach, you may be welcoming adult kids and the grandkids to your greater Boston-area home. Maybe you’re hosting dinner during Hanukkah, or a Secret Santa party. Whatever you’re doing, the last thing you need is for your furnace or boiler to conk out. A cold house isn’t fun, and your bank account […]

How To Avoid Heating Oil Sludge This Winter

There could be something in your heating oil tank that is not heating oil. It’s heating oil sludge. Sludge is not a monster, but it can cause some pretty monstrous damage and bills. It’s created by water condensation building up on the interior walls of your heating oil tank where it’s empty. That water drips […]

Oil Vs. Natural Gas For Home Heating

How Bioheat helps protect the environment Making the right choice for fuel when it comes to heating your greater Boston home can be a challenge, especially when you want to minimize environmental impact. That’s when you have to look beyond old stereotypes to see how heating oil has evolved to become the environmentally friendly choice […]

What Size Oil Tank Do I Need For My Home or Business?

Heating oil tanks can last a long, long time. But all good things must come to an end. That end may be coming for your heating oil tank. Perhaps it’s outdated. Or it’s showing signs of wearing out. Maybe your heating oil needs have changed. Whatever the reason, there are some questions you need to […]

Cubby Vs. Discounters: Why Choose Us This Winter?

If you haven’t had to turn on the heat in your greater Boston home yet, you will soon enough. And when the time comes, you want to know that you’ll always have the heating oil you need, when you need it. That’s why you want to get your heating oil from Cubby Oil – and […]

Oil-fired Water Heaters Vs. Electric Water Heaters

There are loads of hot water heaters on the market these days. Go into your local home improvement superstore and the selection of water heaters can make you a bit dizzy. But that’s where working with experienced professionals like those at Cubby Oil comes in handy. We understand water heaters better than anyone in greater […]

B40 Bioheat Facts & Figures

Cubby Oil is committed to protecting the environment in greater Boston and eastern Massachusetts. We are also committed to proving our customers with quality heating oil that will keep their homes comfortable, and keep more money in their wallets. Both of those commitments are why Cubby Oil delivers B40 Bioheat. If you don’t know about […]

Why Should I Choose Auto-fill For My Home Fuel?

As you make your way around Greater Boston, you’ve probably noticed the Halloween candy is already having to make room for the Christmas decorations in the stores. It’s yet another sign that heating season is on its way, if not already here in some parts of New England. Make winter easier on yourself and give […]

What To Do If Your Furnace Is Not Heating

There’s nothing like coming home to a warm house heated by an oil-fired furnace. And there’s also nothing quite like waking up to a cold house because the furnace conked out overnight. If you wake up to that chill in your Boston-area home, we have a checklist for you before you make a service call […]

Efficient Home Heating During The Fall Season

When you go in the stores these days, you’ll see Halloween candy and Christmas decorations sometimes in the same aisle. Flannel is looking more appealing. And you may notice a craving for stews and apple cider donuts. The signs are unmistakable: Fall has arrived here in Boston, Massachusetts! In the coming weeks, you’ll probably be […]