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Recent Breakthroughs In Heating Technology

Find Out How To Make Your Heating More Efficient! Technology has changed so much about our world in recent decades. Think about it: The shopping that would have taken us most of a day, between driving to the grocery store, the mall, and other shops, can now be done at home with a few clicks […]

Should I Upgrade My Heating Equipment In Late Fall?

You Can Still Take Advantage Of Specials And Rebate Opportunities! If the recent turn towards cooler weather here in greater Boston has you thinking about the coming winter, its cold temperatures, and wondering if your home’s oil-fired heating system is up for the challenge of keeping your home warm and comfortable for the next four […]


Bioheat Vs. Electrification And Heat Pumps 

Why the electrification push is bad news for consumers like you With the growing concern over greenhouse gases and climate change, alongside the realization that the door is closing on the chance to stop catastrophic changes to our climate and environment, many are looking for solutions in terms of how we heat our homes. That […]

heating system tune up

Why People Don’t Tune Up Their Heating System

Excuses can lead to big repair bills! Have you scheduled the annual maintenance tune-up for your home’s furnace or boiler yet? If not, the clock is ticking! Weather cold enough to make you turn on the heat in your home is coming to greater Boston sooner than you think. We hear a lot of reasons […]

paperless billing

Paperless Billing And Auto Pay: What Are The Benefits?

Enjoy convenience, safety, and more! When it comes to fall housecleaning, one of the biggest and most challenging tasks is decluttering. Needless to say, there is a reason home organizing shows are becoming a hit on streaming services: People want to know how to get rid of clutter! Paper clutter is one of the most […]

fall schedule changes

Automatic Deliver Customers: Why We Need To Know Changes To Your Household

Make sure we are up-to-date with your heating oil needs This year has brought a lot of changes to our lives here in greater Boston. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to adjust how we live our lives in the most basic ways: Some of us have not been able to […]

oil boiler problems

Common Oil Boiler Problems & Troubleshooting

Cubby Oil can help take care of your home’s oil boiler! The time is drawing near here in greater Boston when we have to turn on the heat in our homes (if you haven’t for a chilly evening yet already!) That means this is a good time to remind you that Cubby Oil offers outstanding […]

algae biofuel

What Exactly Is Bioheat SuperPlus™?

This isn’t your dad’s heating oil—that’s for sure! Keeping your home warm with heating oil has changed a whole lot in recent decades. Thanks to improvements like ultra-low sulfur heating oil and advances in heating equipment technology, oil heating is cleaner, greener, and way more energy efficient than it used to be. Cubby Oil has […]

bio fuel

BioHeat Vs. Electrification & Heat Pumps

Utilizing safe, reliable ways to heat your home Cubby Oil holds steadfast in our belief that we need to eliminate all fossil fuel use in the heating sector in order to reduce the irreparable harm that Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are causing our environment. The question is how to best accomplish that quickly – […]

heating oil delivery

Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery Before Summer Ends

Beat the rush and have peace of mind as the fall season approaches As much as we hate to admit it, summer is coming to a close, and we’ll be going from days at the beach to leaf-peeping. But before the summer comes to an end, you should take notice that this is the optimal […]

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