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The Different Types of Air Purifiers

Date: April 1, 2024

Find the perfect indoor air quality product for your home.

air purifier boston, ma The arrival of spring can be a relief — no more shoveling snow, salting the sidewalks or bundling up every morning to take out the trash. In Boston and surrounding towns, the days are longer. Soon, families will be turning on grills and enjoying some outdoor fun.

Of course, spring can also bring less welcome arrivals, including pollen from grass, trees, flowers and weeds. With the pollen comes much worse allergy symptoms.

For people with particularly acute allergies, going indoors isn’t much of a relief at this time of year. Forced air HVAC equipment — including central air conditioning — can cause pollen, dust and other airborne impurities to lower the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home. But Cubby Oil & Energy offers a range of high-quality IAQ solutions, including indoor air purifiers.

What is an air purifier?

Simply put, air purifiers are devices that remove allergens that are floating in the air. Whole-home air purifiers tend to connect to your home’s HVAC equipment or ductwork. That way, they can stop pollutants before they ever enter your rooms.

Having a quality air purifier can reduce allergies, asthma symptoms, colds and other ailments. Because they prevent airborne agents from settling in your home, air purifiers will reduce your dusting and slow down deterioration of your wood finishes, shelving and artwork. You’ll also experience less dry, itchy skin.

What are the different types of air purifiers?

Air purifiers use many different methods to remove pollutants from your air, including the following:

  • HEPA Filters — These high-quality, fine-mesh filters are certified to collect 99.97% of particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter. Those agents may slip through the air filters that come with your A/C equipment or furnace. Some air purifiers also have mechanical filters (fanning air through meshes to catch microscopic particles) or activated carbon filters (which capture gases).
  • Ionization — These devices create charges in airborne particles that make them stick together. Then, your filters can more easily trap them.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal Radiation — UV light can be extremely effective at killing viruses, bacteria, mold and other health-threatening pollutants. These devices have chambers that direct air through this UV radiation before it enters your room.

At Cubby Oil & Energy, we sell and install whole-house air purifiers using UV technology. These systems have been shown to effectively remove germs, mold, bacteria and other organisms that negatively impact your home’s IAQ.

IAQ Solutions from Cubby Oil & Energy

We have always been dedicated to providing the best, most affordable home comfort to Massachusetts families, 12 months a year. This means offering efficient, eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions. It also means helping your air be more comfortable and healthy with these IAQ products:

  • Whole-house air cleaners that remove up to 98 times more particles than a standard air filter
  • Whole-house humidifiers that make your rooms feel comfortable and reduce respiratory issues
  • UV-light air purifiers that can boost the IAQ of your whole home
  • Ventilators to expel dangerous gases and stale air without negatively affecting your indoor climate

Reach out to the Cubby team today to check out all our premium air quality products.

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