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Benefits of Whole-House Air Humidifiers

Date: February 19, 2024

We have indoor air quality solutions to improve your health and comfort.

air humidifier boston, ma How stir-crazy does your family get when it gets icy cold or there’s rain, sleet and snow coming down outside?

No one likes to be stuck inside all day, but the frigid winters in Greater Boston can be unforgiving. You sometimes don’t have a choice but to hunker down indoors. At Cubby Oil & Energy, we are committed to helping you keep your indoor air as comfortable and clean as possible. That’s why we offer a range of indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. One of our most popular products is a whole-house air humidifier.

How does a whole-home humidifier work?

The role of a humidifier is to increase the amount of moisture in your home’s air. This can be especially important for homes with a forced-air HVAC system (one with a furnace and/or central air conditioning).

Whole-house air humidifiers connect directly to your home’s HVAC system. The humidifier equipment is typically mounted on a furnace’s cold air return duct and attaches to the hot air supply. Some of the furnace’s hot air passes through the humidifier, which imparts moisture to it based on our humidity settings. These systems generally pull water directly from your home’s main.

In this system, your whole home’s air supply receives humidity, not a single space like with a standalone humidifier.

What are the benefits of a whole-house air humidifier?

There are many reasons that our customers love having whole-house air humidifiers:

  1. Health benefits. Maintaining an indoor environment with better humidity levels can lower asthma and allergy symptoms and reduce the risk of sinus infections.
  2. Comfort benefits. Properly-humidified homes feel better. Your skin will be less dry and itchy. Your eyes will be less red and irritated. Moist air can also lower incidents of snoring and improve your sleep.
  3. Heating benefits. Humidified air feels more comfortable and warmer. We’ve found that homes with whole-house humidifiers can often keep their thermostats a bit lower. That means less heating fuel consumption during the winter and lower energy costs!
  4. Home preservation benefits. Excessively dry air and humidity fluctuations can harm your wood finishes, shelves, cabinetry and artwork. A whole-house air humidifier will keep moisture levels stable and in an ideal range to protect your home.

How can you maintain a whole-house air humidifier?

Proper maintenance of a whole-house humidifier is essential. A poorly maintained humidifier is more likely to break down. Old or unclean parts can lead to airborne mold and other toxins entering your rooms.

It’s crucial to clean your humidifier regularly and replace items like the evaporator pad according to manufacturer requirements. The Cubby team not only installs whole-house humidifiers; we also perform humidifier upkeep and service. We are at your service to keep your whole-home air humidifier working at peak performance.

Cubby Oil & Energy IAQ Equipment

If you want to have the healthiest, most comfortable indoor air possible, get in touch with our IAQ experts to explore the following solutions:

  • whole-house humidifiers
  • whole house air cleaners
  • ultraviolet-light air purifier
  • ventilation systems

Breathe easier in your home — get an IAQ assessment from Cubby Oil & Energy today!

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