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Does Your Home Warranty Cover Your Home Heating System?

Date: December 18, 2023

Cubby’s service plans offer comprehensive coverage for your furnace or boiler.

home heating boston, ma Being a homeowner often means balancing the risk of a repair against the cost of protective coverage. Undoubtedly, you’ve had to make such a decision when buying a new dishwasher or refrigerator. Is it worth buying the extended warranty?

Your home heating equipment is one of the most expensive items in your house. More importantly, your family’s comfort in the coldest Boston-area nights depends on it operating well. The Department of Energy says that heating and cooling account for 55% of the average home’s energy consumption. You want your furnace or boiler to be working at peak efficiency to keep energy costs down.

It makes sense to protect your home heating investment. But what’s the best way to do that? Cubby Oil & Energy can help.

What is a home warranty?

To begin, home insurance will rarely cover the cost of a heating system replacement, and manufacturers’ warranties can be narrow in the parts they replace. Some homeowners fill the gap with something called a home warranty.

A home warranty policy limits your financial exposure if your heating system, air conditioning or other major appliance breaks down. When selecting a policy, you can typically choose to cover one piece of equipment or a bundled group. There is generally a monthly premium to maintain coverage. Some of the biggest home warranty companies are American Home Shield, Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty.

A home warranty will often cover you if your furnace or boiler breaks down because of normal wear and tear. Some plans cover replacement parts and offer guarantees on their repairs. However, you won’t be covered for damage caused by accidents or natural disasters.

There is another way to protect your furnace or boiler — a service plan.

What is a service plan?

Many fuel and HVAC companies — including Cubby Oil & Energy — offer service plans on home heating and cooling equipment (as well as generators, water heaters and other major appliances).

Service plans function differently from home warranties in that they provide ongoing maintenance to keep your heating system running at maximum efficiency. They do not, however, typically pay to replace a furnace or boiler.

The Cubby Oil & Energy heating oil service plans are affordable and include a comprehensive annual tune-up, priority emergency service and discounts on repairs.

Why is annual home heating service important?

We like to say the annual tune-up included with your service plan is worth the cost of coverage.

Arranging annual service for your boiler or furnace ensures that it’s working efficiently in the year ahead. This lowers your heating oil consumption and saves you money. A tune-up also allows our technician to fix small problems that, left unattended, can cause expensive repairs down the line.

Crucially, you need to have an annual tune-up to keep your manufacturer’s warranty in place. Skipping this heating service could leave you on the hook for a pricy repair later.

If you want to enroll in a Cubby Oil & Energy service plan, contact our team today. We’re always here to help.

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