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Your Right to Choose Your Home Energy


by Charles Uglietto

For decades, Cubby Oil & Energy has worked to keep Massachusetts homes warm and safe in the most eco-friendly way possible. We deliver Bioheat SuperPlus® fuel, the greenest, most renewable fuel available in Massachusetts. I proudly served on the governor’s Clean Heat Commission to identify practical and effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sadly, our lawmakers are ignoring Bioheat® fuel and other innovative green energy technologies to pursue an expensive, risky pathway of forced electrification. Their plan, called the Clean Heat Standard, could have a profound impact on you and your family.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is working on the rulemaking process for the Clean Heat Standard. Its current plan could impose financial obligations on businesses that provide traditional heating fuels, increasing energy costs for homeowners.

It may require companies like ours to convert customers to electric heat pumps or face stiff penalties. Forced heat pump conversions would cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars, and the increased demand would likely cause our already high electric rates to soar further.

The Clean Heat Standard could put an incredible strain on our fragile electric grid. ISO-New England, which oversees our region’s electric grid, has warned that surging electricity demand could cause power outages during periods of extreme cold. That puts the comfort and safety of Bay State families at risk. Not to mention that our state’s electric grid is far from green, having one of the highest carbon intensity scores in the Northeast.

This plan could eliminate energy choice in Massachusetts. It will increase heating costs and lower grid reliability. Lawmakers need to hear from you on this issue. Please go here to learn more about the Clean Heat Standard and to make your voice heard.