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We’re Here for You All Year ‘Round

What a crazy winter we just experienced! We had record-warm temperatures punctuated by intense, life-threatening cold during Christmas and a huge snowstorm right before the official start of spring.

We want to give a special shout-out to our team for sacrificing their own holiday cheer so they could protect our customers. We awoke to -15°F temperatures on December 24, which was a Saturday. Our team worked ‘round the clock to repair broken heating systems and make emergency deliveries. They sacrificed their own family gatherings and special time with their children. They did so without a complaint and worked beyond their own shifts to make sure our customers’ holidays weren’t ruined.

Many other companies did not perform in the same way. We received hundreds of calls from customers of other companies who were left in the lurch. Unfortunately, we could only take care of our own customers during this time. We’re incredibly proud to have such a dedicated group of professionals and wanted to recognize their efforts publicly.

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