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Customers Love Our B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ Fuel!

How does Bioheat® fuel help you and your family? One of our longtime customers put it best: “I love that they use Bioheat fuel because it is better for the environment, my home and my heating system.”

We couldn’t have said it better! Our B50 Bioheat SuperPlus fuel contains equal parts ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and organic biodiesel. It’s the highest biofuel blend you’ll find just about anywhere in the Commonwealth. It emits far fewer greenhouse gases than natural gas, and it also reduces sulfur oxide, particulate matter and mercury emissions. Widespread use of this B50 blend will eliminate 500 million gallons of heating oil and 4.29 million metric tons of carbon.* And the households we serve love it.

Our customer James notes, “It costs the same as oil and reduces my carbon footprint.”

And you don’t sacrifice any of the heating power of traditional heating oil. What do you lose? A lot of soot and other deposits. This clean-burning fuel ensures fewer breakdowns, longer equipment life and better fuel efficiency.

You can find out more about this cutting-edge fuel here.

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