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Knock Allergies Down to Size with Our IAQ Fixes!

Date: April 17, 2023

Air purifiers, humidifiers and other HVAC solutions for healthier air.

cleaning home air boston, ma There’s so much to love about spring in our region of New England, from blooming perennials to the first barbecues with friends and family. One thing that isn’t so pleasant is allergies. The air is filling up with tree and grass pollen, and weed pollen isn’t far away.

If you have particularly acute allergies, every day of the year is a trial — not just springtime. Unfortunately, your home’s HVAC system could be fostering and circulating airborne impurities that trigger sneezing, itchy skin and watery red eyes.

But the dedicated team at Cubby Oil & Energy has the tools and experience to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your Boston-area home. Let us tell you how we can do it.

What’s in the indoor air you breathe?

Let’s start by clarifying the problem of poor IAQ. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. And it’s sometimes more than 100 times worse!

The ducts in your home can deliver more than warm or cool air. They can be vessels for dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants. These are all triggers for allergies and a range of other respiratory ailments. What can you do to combat unhealthy air?

At Cubby Oil & Energy, we sell and install many tools in the fight for better IAQ.

Air purifiers

Your home’s air filters can catch many of the pollutants that pass through your HVAC system, but they can’t get anywhere close to all of them. A whole-home air purifier is much better.

The home purifiers we install use ultraviolet (UV) light air that effectively terminates mold, bacteria and other pernicious organisms.

Air cleaners

Our high-efficiency media air cleaners eliminate up to 98 times more particles than the filters your HVAC equipment comes with. They will clean the air in your living spaces and keep your heating and cooling equipment clear of debris that lowers performance and shortens service life.

Whole-house humidifiers

The Mayo Clinic has found that increasing indoor humidity can make breathing easier for children and adults with respiratory issues. We can install a whole-home humidification system that allows you to maintain ideal air moisture. It will reduce allergy symptoms and make your rooms more comfortable generally.

Ventilation systems

Keeping your home’s warm and cool air inside is good for home comfort, but it also traps particles that lower IAQ. That’s why we often install ventilation solutions called Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) or Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV).

These systems can remove impurities from your indoor air and expel them outside — all without letting your warm or cooled air escape!

Call the Cubby team for a consultation.

Today, people spend nine-tenths of their lives indoors. We can give you confidence that your home’s IAQ is healthy for your loved ones to breathe without allergy attacks or other respiratory effects.

Reach out to our world-class IAQ team today. We’re ready to help you this spring and all year round!

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