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What is Included in a Service Plan?

Date: April 3, 2023

Protect your heating equipment with tune-ups and discounts on repairs.

heating service boston, ma What kind of protection do you have for your boiler or furnace?

Heating equipment is among the most vital and expensive parts of your home. You depend on it to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable during the most blustery days in Boston and surrounding towns. And we all know that repairs — and replacements — for a boiler or furnace can really break the bank.

That’s why we offer the Cubby Heating Oil Service Plan. This affordable coverage provides unparalleled peace of mind that your system will operate efficiently for as long as possible.

Here’s what’s included in one of our service plans.

Annual service for your equipment

A service plan is so much more than a way to lower repair costs (though it does that too). It’s a contract to ensure that your heating equipment works at peak performance. The best way to do that is through an annual tune-up, which is included in the plan.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating system maintenance and upgrades, combined with insulation, air sealing and thermostat settings, can lower your energy bills by up to 30 percent. But there are other benefits:

  • Your heating system will last longer.
  • We will find and fix minor issues before they become full-on breakdowns.
  • You will stay in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty, which generally requires you to get professional service once a year.

Our tune-up also involves a series of safety tests, like draft overfire, stack temperature, draft at breech, carbon monoxide and smoke readings. We’ll also give you a total efficiency rating.

In short, this tune-up is almost worth the price of service plan coverage on its own!

Repair discounts

Even with regular service, a furnace or boiler will eventually have maintenance issues, especially if it’s older than 10 years. While we cannot prevent the occasional repair from becoming necessary, we can lighten the financial burden. Service plan enrollees receive discounts on repair parts and labor.

Guaranteed priority service

A Cubby Oil & Energy, we answer and resolve every no-heat call we receive. In the coldest months of the year, though, these calls can pile up. And that is the exact time when you don’t want to be without heat. Our service plan customers receive priority service of service and repair calls.

Enroll in a Cubby Heating Oil Service Plan today!

Are you ready to enjoy complete confidence in your heating system’s reliability and efficiency? Cubby Oil & Energy offers comprehensive service plans that ensure maximum peace of mind.

And it’s backed by our world-class team. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, Cubby’s skilled technicians are committed to keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient all year round. We treat your home with respect and make sure that the job is done fully and correctly, so you won’t need to see us a second time!

To enroll in a Cubby Oil & Energy service plan, reach out to us today.

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