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How Long Will Your Water Heater Last?

Date: January 16, 2023

Don’t wait for your water heater to fail to look for a replacement

water heater service massachusetts One of the perks of living in this day and age is having ready access to hot water. It’s easy to take for granted that you’ll get a reliable steam of warm water every time you open a tap.

Bu hot showers depend on a functioning water heater. When it fails, you might realize how much you took hot water for granted. At Cubby Oil & Energy, we help families in Boston and surrounding towns find new water heaters when their current units are showing their age. Many of our customers ask how long a water heater can last and how they can tell if theirs is on its last legs.

Lifespan of a traditional water heater

As a general rule, a traditional tank water heater will last around eight to 10 years. (Tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan.)

The most common cause of a water heater failure is internal corrosion. This is caused by particles that circulate in the water tank. Manufacturers include an anode rod inside the tank to draw these particles away from the lining. Over time, this rod becomes fully corroded, and the particles go to work on the tank’s lining.

You can improve the longevity of your water heater by flushing it once a year. This will clear sediment that has gathered inside.

Determining the life of your water heater

If you recently moved into your home and aren’t sure of your water heater’s age, you can look at its serial number.

A water heater’s serial number is typically located on the top part of the unit. It’s composed of a letter and a series of numbers. The letter indicates which month it was made, with “A” standing for January, “B” for February and so on. The two numbers following the letter are the year.

For example, a water heater with a serial number beginning C18 was made in March 2018.

Signs your water heater is nearing retirement

If your water heater is getting up in years, keep an eye out for warning signs that it might be about to fail:

  • Does your hot water turn cold suddenly?
  • Is your water heater making strange sounds like scraping, rumbling or popping?
  • Is there water on the floor around your tank?
  • Are you getting rusty or brown water from your tap?
  • Are you having trouble draining water when you flush your water heater?
  • Has your energy use increased without explanation?

If you notice any of these issues, get in touch with our service team right away.

Why it’s a good idea to plan ahead for your water heater replacement

It’s never too early to start thinking about your water heater replacement — but you shouldn’t wait until your current unit fails.

As with all home comfort equipment, there is some lead time to securing a new water heater. If your current water heater no longer works, you’ll be without hot water while we secure your new equipment. Plus, your selection will be limited to whatever product becomes available first. So, please don’t wait until you’re without hot water to give us a call.

To start exploring your new water heater options, get in touch with the Cubby Oil & Energy team today.

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