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Which Boiler Does a Cubby Expert Use?

You know the old tale of the cobbler who made beautiful shoes but whose own children went barefoot? I used to be in a similar situation.

For years I had an outdated boiler from the 1980s. That changed last year when I took my own advice and upgraded to a Buderus model. What a difference it made! During a frigid winter, I saw significant energy savings and incredible comfort.

Over the years, many people asked me what heating system they should install. I always recommended Buderus boilers. I’ve worked with many heating systems, and Buderus is a cut above. Its high-efficiency boilers are well-insulated and gas-tight to prevent heat losses and ensure safety.

You’ll save money on fuel usage and reduce your carbon footprint! Buderus boilers are also corrosion-resistant and have long lifespans; it’s not your typical boiler.

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