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B50 Bioheat® SuperPlus Powers a Greener Tomorrow!

B50 Bioheat® SuperPlus Powers a Greener Tomorrow! Each year, it becomes clearer that we must take concrete action to combat climate change. Cubby customers can feel proud for doing their part for the planet. We deliver B50 Bioheat fuel, a 50-50 blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biofuel made from organic and recycled ingredients.

  • Our B50 blend cuts your greenhouse gases by 40%. It burns more cleanly than natural gas!
  • It also reduces harmful sulfur oxide emissions.
  • Biofuel production takes used oils, animal fats, and other landfill waste and puts it to good, eco-friendly use.
  • Bioheat fuel produces more heat energy than any other alternative fuel — all while leaving fewer deposits on your heating equipment.

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