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How to Choose A Heating Oil Company

Date: August 15, 2022

What to look for in a home fuel provider

heating oil delivery massachusettsHave you recently moved to Boston or its surrounding towns? Are you interested in heating a newly built home with heating oil?

With many home fuel providers out there, it might be dizzying to decide which company is right for you. Should you focus exclusively on their oil prices? Does it make more sense to work with a company that also installs and services home comfort equipment?

Here are four considerations you should bear in mind to help you home in on your ideal heating oil partner.

Transparent pricing

Many companies post unbelievable heating oil prices in their advertising — often, you shouldn’t believe them.

Be sure to check the details and fine print. Look out for extra delivery fees that might not be included in the “per-gallon” rate. Remember, even if the market price of heating oil goes down, these fees might not.

Flexible, reliable delivery

A company can offer the lowest prices in the state, but it’s no good if they can’t deliver the heating oil to your home when you need it.

Many cash-on-delivery discounters don’t guarantee that they’ll deliver fuel when you call. Cubby Oil & Energy, on the other hand, offers reliable heating oil delivery. This includes automatic delivery, where we track your tank levels based on your usage history and how cold it is. We’ll get you oil when you need it, and you’ll never run out!

Comprehensive home comfort services

It’s a good sign when a company offers full-service equipment installation, maintenance and repairs. For one thing, you can go to one provider for all your oil-fired heating and hot water needs. In Cubby’s case, you can also use us for air conditioning and indoor air quality work.

As importantly, when a full-service fuel company installs and services heating equipment, they have an incentive to deliver high-quality oil, which minimizes wear and tear.

Customer reviews

There’s no better way to find out how a heating oil company does business than by hearing from their customers. We’re proud of the overwhelmingly high marks we’ve received in over 1,000 customer reviews!

Do you need help getting set up with a heating oil delivery service? We’re ready to help! Join the Cubby family today!

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