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Our Technology Makes Your Life Easier

Date: August 8, 2022

Pay your bills, order your heating oil, and manage your account electronically

heating oil payment massachusettsIt’s odd that some parts of life have changed enormously with new technology while others haven’t changed at all.

Most of us have a mobile phone that’s more powerful than the computers we grew up with. You can watch virtually any movie or television show ever made on a tablet or smart TV. It’s possible today to order books, groceries, clothes, meals, and almost anything else from our mobile devices — without leaving our sofas.

It’s a little bit like stepping into the past every time you pick up the phone to arrange a delivery, receive a bill in the mail or mail a paper check for payment. So many heating oil and HVAC companies engage with their customers the same way they did 40 or 50 years ago.

Not Cubby Oil & Energy. We stand by the integrity and commitment to customer service we’ve had for over 70 years. And we’ve enhanced this commitment with modern technology to make our customers’ lives easier.

Take the paper out of billing and payment

Is your table buried in paper bills you never open?

Cubby can help you with those. If you, like most people, ignore or discard most of the paper bills you get — because you’ve already paid them — you can go paperless with your Cubby account and receive invoices through email.

You can also forget about paying for a stamp, digging up your checkbook and hoping the postal service gets your payment to us on time. With our online Auto Pay option, you don’t even have to remember to pay! Just provide a credit card or checking account number, and we’ll bill you automatically.

A full online customer record

While you’re getting rid of the paper arriving in your mailbox, you can also toss out the years-old delivery slips and account statements you’re keeping in a dusty old filing cabinet. Just set up an online account with Cubby Oil, and you’ll have a complete record of your deliveries, services, billing and payments, which you can access 24/7!

Cubby conveniently in your pocket

For maximum convenience, you can also download our free customer app, available for IOS and Android.

With the Cubby app, you can:

  • see past statements
  • pay your bill
  • schedule fuel delivery and service — any time!
  • see current services and specials

When you have the Cubby Oil & Energy app, you can take your home comfort 100 percent online. Get it for free now on the Google Play or Apple App Store!

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