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This Is Not Your Grandparents’ Heating Oil!

Date: August 1, 2022

Cubby Oil’s ultra-clean B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ leads the way in decarbonization

biofuel massachusettsThere are a lot of plans out there these days to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — both in the commonwealth of Massachusetts and nationally. Some involve a wholesale change to electrified heating and appliances. We believe that a balanced plan incorporating clean-burning fuels like Bioheat® fuel would be more effective and less disruptive to everyday families.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope of the climate issue. How can we make a real difference in mitigating and reversing the harmful effects of global climate change?

At Cubby Oil & Energy, we want to be pioneers in clean power, beginning with the type of heating oil we deliver to our customers. It is the most eco-friendly, sustainable heating fuel in Massachusetts!

B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ – a cut above the rest

Our fuel is a 50/50 blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biofuel, produced with organic and recycled ingredients like animal fats, tallow, soybean oil, inedible corn oil, used cooking oil and algae. A 2 percent biofuel blend can bring heating oil’s carbon intensity to the same level as natural gas.

But we don’t believe in doing the minimum. So, we deliver a B50 blend that far exceeds state guidelines.

B50 Bioheat SuperPlus is also great for your equipment. Because it burns so cleanly, it leaves minimal deposits on heat exchangers. You’ll need fewer cleanings, experience fewer breakdowns, and benefit from an extended system lifespan!

Staying on the cutting edge

The problem of global climate change is complex, and our industry cannot afford to rest on our laurels.
Significant scientific advances will make our heating fuel even more sustainable. Researchers at MIT recently made a giant leap forward in converting “cellulosic” woody plant material into biofuel using a super-hearty yeast strain. This will make it possible for biofuel to come from otherwise unused feedstocks, like switchgrass, wheat straw, and the leaves, stalks, and husks of corn.

A company In Maine plans to open a biofuel refinery in 2023 that will focus on converting woody fiber waste from lumber and paper mills into ethyl levulinate, or EL. EL is at the cutting edge of eco-friendly heating oil development. This Maine company states that its EL product will be completely carbon neutral!

How can Cubby Oil help your household?

As you can see, today’s heating oil is not the soot-emitting product your grandparents used. We’re truly proud to offer this product to our customers. It’s a vital tool in combating climate change without sacrificing comfort.

Ready to start receiving B50 Bioheat SuperPlus at your home? Join the Cubby customer family today.

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