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Smart Pay: Even Smarter These Days!

Date: May 9, 2022

Bring More Stability to Your Home Fuel Expenses

fuel payment massachusettsWith everything going on in the world, it’s no surprise that customers have been calling us, anxious about rising energy costs since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We hope this price spike is temporary. Like you, we are eager to see energy prices drop.

When energy prices rise, local fuel companies like ours make less money, not more. While we can’t change global energy prices, we want to help make our Boston area customers’ lives easier during these challenging times.

Right now, it makes more sense than ever to take advantage of our Smart Pay budget program.

Smart Pay Is the Way!

Smart Pay is our monthly payment program. Rather than paying in bulk when you receive your fuel delivery, you can spread out your payments into 11 equal monthly installments. With Smart Pay, your heating costs are stable, manageable, and predictable. No painful billing shocks, and no cost to enroll!

Using your usage history, we’ll estimate your fuel needs for the year — you don’t have to purchase more fuel!

If your actual fuel costs end up higher or lower than anticipated, don’t worry. We’ll adjust your plan. You can even spread the cost of your equipment’s service plan into your SmartPay budget.

Take Control of Your Home’s Fuel Budget

Cubby Oil & Energy has many programs that can simplify your heating oil billing:

  • Auto Pay — Provide us with a bank or credit card, and we will automatically charge any billable service or fuel delivery. You can say goodbye to mailing out a check!
  • Capped Oil Price Program — With this program, you can limit how much your fuel price can rise but not how far it can fall! Each year, the capped price is determined by the retail market price when the plan is offered. Once you enroll, that’s the most you will pay per gallon. If the price drops below the cap, you’ll pay the lower rate!

Finally, if you are having trouble paying your bill, talk with us before it becomes a problem. We can often work out something to give you more time, especially if you’ve been with us a while.

If you want to enroll in Smart Pay or any of the other programs discussed, contact us today.

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