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We Need to Activate the Bioheat® Fuel Mandate


Dear Friends,

Last September, Gov. Charlie Baker established the Commission on Clean Heat in the Commonwealth to advise his administration on a framework for long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions from heating fuels.

I was honored to be invited to be one of the Commission’s 21 members. My experience so far has given me a window into the thinking of people working on this issue. It’s also been an opportunity to share some real-world experience on some of the assumptions people have made and the potential repercussions of energy paths currently being considered.

One suggestion that should be a no-brainer is finally activating the longdormant Massachusetts Bioheat® fuel mandate. While the mandate actually passed years ago, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources suspended its implementation, deciding it was more feasible to implement a voluntary program to encourage wider use of biofuels.

But we’re falling behind now. Last year alone, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island all passed Bioheat fuel mandates that will immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, as a Cubby customer, you can feel especially good because we’re delivering Bioheat fuel with a 50% blend of biofuels. We didn’t need any mandate to make our fuel what it is today: the cleanest, greenest sold in Massachusetts.



PS – You can find out more about Bioheat here.