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Do I Need to Fill My Oil Tank this Spring?

Date: March 21, 2022

Prevents Issues That Harm Your Tank and Heating Equipment

heating oil delivery massachusettsWith spring in the air, we don’t blame you for forgetting about your heating oil tank. After all, the nights are a little warmer in and around Boston. If you were putting off your late winter oil delivery, you might be tempted to leave your tank levels low throughout the entire spring and summer.

That’s not a good idea. We strongly recommend that you get one final spring oil delivery before the hot season starts. Doing so will prevent some serious problems down the road!

Why fill your tank during the offseason?

When the temperature differs inside and outside your oil tank, condensation can form on the interior tank walls. It’s a bit like the way water gathers on a glass of iced tea during a hot day. The emptier your tank is, the more likely it is that moisture accumulates inside.

This is far from ideal. It can negatively affect your tank and heating equipment in two ways:

  1. Multiplying bacteria – Bacteria already live in your heating oil, but they will thrive in humidity. If you let condensation build up in your oil tank, these organisms will multiply, forming a sludge that clogs your fuel lines and burner nozzles.
  2. Corrosion – Water is heavier than oil, so it sinks to the bottom and sides of your tank. If the inside of your tank is not lined with fiberglass or plastic, this water will eat away at the steel. Internal corrosion is one of the primary reasons oil tanks need to be replaced. You probably won’t notice the issue until the tank starts leaking. At that point, it’ll be too late.

The best way to prevent condensation is by minimizing the air in your tank. The best way to do that is by keeping it filled.

Call us now to arrange a spring fill-up

Now is the time to take a proactive approach to prevent condensation build-up. Schedule a heating oil delivery this spring, so your tank is full throughout the warm seasons.

Then, when it’s time to turn on your heating equipment again, you’ll already be fully stocked for the cold weather!

The friendly professionals at Cubby Oil & Energy are ready to help with your offseason heating oil delivery. Contact us today.

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