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5 Reasons to Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter

Date: March 7, 2022

Why Air Filters are So Important to Your HVAC System AND How to Change Them Fast!

furnace filters massachusettsAs we approach the end of peak heating season and look forward to the warmer months ahead, it might be tempting to forget about your home’s furnace altogether.

That could be a mistake. Your home’s heating equipment has probably been working non-stop during this Boston winter, and one important and often overlooked part of it might need attention: the air filter. For such a small, easily forgotten item, air filters have an outsize effect on your equipment’s performance. Your family’s comfort and health could be affected by it.

We want to go through a few reasons why staying on top of your air filters is so important, and in the process, we’ll tell you how to change one!

Five Reasons to Check and Change Your Air Filter

It’s a good idea to check your furnace’s air filter monthly during the heating season. If you haven’t checked it since temperatures dropped, you should do so now.

Here are five ways that checking and changing your air filter positively impacts your home:

Improving your home’s air quality – the filter in your furnace’s blower prevents dust and debris from circulating back into your home. Airborne pollutants can cause dry and itchy skin. They can also worsen asthma and other respiratory issues.

Lowering your energy bills – clogged and dirty air filters impede the airflow from your furnace. This means your furnace needs to work harder to pump the same amount of warm air. In the end, you use more fuel, and your energy bills go up.

Reducing your number of repairs – along the same lines, when your system cycles more often because of a clogged air filter, it increases wear and tear. As a result, you will see more breakdowns and repairs.

Keeping your HVAC system clean – your furnace is not the only piece of equipment adversely affected by a dirty air filter. Recirculating dust and debris will collect in your ductwork, and you’ll need to have it cleaned more often.

Prolonging your equipment’s life – all these issues will reduce the lifespan of your equipment. Replacing a furnace is quite pricey; it’s infinitely cheaper to replace an air filter.

How to Locate and Change a Furnace’s Air Filter

Checking and replacing a furnace air filter is quick and easy.

The filter generally sits in your furnace’s blower compartment. You can confirm its exact location on your furnace owner’s manual and, often, on instructions posted on the side of the unit itself.

Some air filters are permanent and can be washed. Others must be replaced. Happily, you can buy a disposable air filter at almost any home store for very little money.

Checking your furnace’s air is a quick process, and its benefits are enormous!

Whether your furnace needs a routine tune-up or something more complicated, the expert technicians at Cubby Oil & Energy can handle it. Contact us if your HVAC system needs service.

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