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Date: February 14, 2022

Heating Oil’s Price May Rise, but You Can Protect the Rate You Pay

heating oil massachusettsWith a snarled supply chain, increased consumer demand and inflation at its highest rate since the early 1980s, it feels like everything is getting more expensive. That’s certainly the case with energy prices. We are looking at seven-year market highs for oil and gas.

For Boston area families relying on heating oil to warm their homes, these price fluctuations are personal. At Cubby Oil & Energy, we’re with you in hoping prices go down soon (unlike Wall Street investors, we don’t see any additional profit from higher oil rates). Until then, we offer customers pricing and payment options to help protect their monthly energy costs.

Cap Your Oil Price Before the Next Heating Season

If you are concerned that the price of heating oil will rise during the next heating season, there is an option to cap the amount you pay per gallon.

With our Capped Oil Pricing program, you and Cubby Oil agree to the maximum price you pay for a gallon of fuel. But this doesn’t limit how far it can fall. If the retail price drops below your cap rate, you pay the lower price!

There is a moderate cost for the Capped Oil Price program to defray the premium our suppliers charge us. While we can’t guarantee that you will always save money with this program, it offers stability and potentially reduces your energy budget.

Each year, we set our cap price based on heating oil’s current retail price. Check back before the next heating season to take advantage of this program.

The Smart Pay Budget Program: Get Off the Roller Coaster

Winter is a pretty hectic time, and it’s easy to forget about the bulk energy bill that happens with a heating oil delivery.

If you want to get off the fuel bill roller-coast, consider enrolling in our Smart Pay budget program. This option lets you spread out your fuel payments across 11 equal monthly installments. Your heating costs will always be manageable and predictable, and your winter payments will be half of what they’d be paying in full on delivery.

Also, you only pay for the fuel you use. If your usage is more or less than our estimate, we adjust your monthly charge accordingly. Plus, there’s no finance charge!

Cubby Oil & Energy has the highest-quality, renewable heating oil in the Boston area. Reach out to us today; our team is ready to help!

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