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Heating Oil Keeps You Comfortable, Warm, and Safe

Date: February 7, 2022

Our B50 Blend Bioheat® Fuel: Great for Your Family and the Environment

about bioheat massachusettsToday, homeowners have many options to heat their homes, and it can be challenging to know if you’re using the best energy source for your family, budget, and carbon footprint.

Simply put, this is a fantastic time to live in an oil-heated Massachusetts home. The product that Cubby Oil delivers throughout greater Boston isn’t what your parents and grandparents used. It is one of the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe options out there!

Heating Oil is Effective and Affordable

A heating oil-fired system’s flame is hotter than in other types of systems. So, homeowners that utilize heating oil have warmer houses with more evenly-distributed heat. In fact, a gallon of heating oil generates 50% more heat than the same amount of natural gas. Paired with today’s smart, super-efficient equipment, heating oil can save you as much as 30% on your annual heating costs.

Heating Oil is Far Safer than Natural Gas

Heating oil is extremely safe. Unlike natural gas, heating oil won’t explode. It doesn’t even burn until it’s heated to 140 degrees and vaporized, as happens inside your heating equipment. If you drop a lit match into a bowl of heating oil, the flame goes out immediately like it was dropped in water.
Additionally, the old steel underground tanks that gave your grandparents trouble are a thing of the past. Modern aboveground tanks feature significant innovations like:

  • double-walled construction
  • corrosion-proof galvanized steel
  • leak-detection systems
  • sleek designs allowing tanks to fit into smaller spaces

Finally, oil-fired heating equipment presents an extremely low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Even so, homeowners should have tested and working carbon monoxide detectors at home and know the symptoms of CO poisoning, including headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

Heating Oil is Clean-Burning

At Cubby Oil, we proudly deliver ultra-clean B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™. This heating oil is made with 50% biodiesel, comprising used cooking oil, plants, and other renewable resources.

When you heat your home with our B50 Bioheat SuperPlus fuel, your greenhouse gas emissions are cut by 40%. Our fuel releases fewer harmful greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas. Beyond that, burning the heating oil we deliver leaves fewer deposits on your system’s heat exchanger. That means fewer breakdowns and a longer life for your furnace or boiler.

If that’s not enough incentive to go with B50 Bioheat SuperPlus fuel, remember that this heating oil is domestically produced. Buying it supports American farmers, companies and towns!

The simple truth is that oil-heated homes are among the warmest, safest, and greenest in Massachusetts, and Cubby Oil is proud to supply energy to them. Want to see the difference that B50 Bioheat SuperPlus can make for your HVAC system? Call us today to set up a delivery!

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