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Home, Sweet (New) Home

charlieDear Friends, This past summer, Cubby said goodbye to our home of more than 41 years and moved into new digs in Wilmington. Many of you know all too well that moving is a decidedly mixed experience.

On one hand, it was bittersweet to leave the place that’s been Cubby’s home for more than four decades. (In fact, if you ask my wife, she’d probably agree I spend more time here than at our house.)

My memories are rich, particularly those that go all the way back to when my dad and uncles were running the show and I was just learning the ropes. But like many families, we’ve outgrown our space.

In the last five years, our company has doubled in size. That’s a testament to the hard work of our great team, our decision to go all-in on ultra-clean B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™, and the loyalty of our fantastic customers, who have been very vocal and generous in both the great public reviews they’ve posted and referrals they’ve made.

Our new building is big enough to hold our expanded fleet of trucks, all of our equipment, a new training room for our technicians, and more offices. It is backed by upgraded technology to ensure that we can serve you even when the electricity fails, as it too often seems to do.

We’re excited about our new home, and by how it will help us do the job that matters most: taking care of you. If you’re ever in the area and want to drop by, I’d love to show you around!