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Bioheat® Fuel is Part of the Solution

After another summer season of tumultuous weather, climate-change scientists have renewed calls for legislation to change our energy use in both transportation and building heating.

However, the cost to electrify heating remains a major problem. According to data from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the cost to convert a 1,700-square-foot home averaged more than $21,000. That doesn’t include water heaters and other appliances or the cost to remove existing fossil-fuel equipment and heat-distribution systems like baseboards or radiators.

Decarbonization for less

Fortunately, Bioheat fuel, for only a few cents per gallon, enables consumers to contribute immediately to greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction goals while keeping their existing oil-fired systems. No huge financial outlays, no home disruptions, and no being at the mercy of the electric monopoly.

Bioheat fuel helps reduce the load on the electric grid, which will become increasingly important as the economy becomes more electricity-dependent. As we have seen, renewable electricity generation is financially intensive and environmentally conflicted, and it will require years before it meaningfully impacts our climate goals. Adding electricity now makes little sense until we can make the grid more renewable.

Cubby exceeds requirements

Governor Baker has mandated that all state buildings that heat with oil must use a minimum 10% blend of biodiesel. At Cubby, we’re not settling for just 10%! The fuel we deliver to you includes up to 50% biodiesel (and has for over a year). The GHG impact is both immediate and impressive. At 50% levels, we’ve seen no negative side effects on the functioning of our customers’ systems.

We are now testing pure 100% biodiesel (B100) with a small group of customers who wanted to be on the cutting edge — including Cubby’s president. So far, it’s been working really well. We’ll keep you updated on progress with that group. We have a great solution to reduce GHG emissions immediately and economically for all of our customers, while keeping them comfortable in their homes.