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Looking to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Date: October 4, 2021

Why Bioheat® Fuel Is Greener Than Electricity

fuel carbon emissions massachusettsRecently, there’s been a misguided effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making homes and businesses convert their heating to electric-powered heating systems. But why would you switch to a less-efficient heating fuel when there are safe and clean-burning fuels to help keep your home and family comfortable, even on the coldest nights?

We’re all in favor of combatting climate change. We just don’t believe that going all-electric is the best option. The problem is, more than 90% of the coal used in the United States goes towards electricity production. In addition to deforestation by mining and greenhouse gas emissions from combustion, the burning of coal is also responsible for a significant percentage of global carbon dioxide emissions. Even if renewable power is available, the U.S. is not close to meeting its goal yet; there’s still not a viable way to store enough solar and wind power to keep things running. So we’re still stuck with environmentally destructive forms of electricity, and until that changes, heating with electricity cannot be considered the best option.

What Makes Bioheat Fuel Different?

Thanks to advancements in recent years, heating oil is a much cleaner product than in the past. One of the biggest changes in heating oil in recent years has been the development of ultra-low sulfur heating oil. Bioheat fuel is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and biofuels. Biofuels are made from renewable resources such as animal fats, recycled restaurant oils and plant oils such as soybean.

When ULSHO is mixed with biofuels, it creates a cleaner-burning heating fuel that emits up to 80% less sulfur dioxide as well as 20% less carbon dioxide than traditional heating oils. Fewer greenhouse gases mean cleaner air and a more sustainable future for everyone! As Bioheat fuel continues to have a higher blend of biofuel, its clean-burning properties make it a more environmentally friendly option for heating than electricity.

Cubby is proud to be the only Boston-area company that delivers B50 Bioheat SuperPlus. A lot of companies deliver heating oil with lower blends of Bioheat. The B50 Bioheat fuel we deliver means that GHG emissions are cut by 40% immediately.

It’s More Cost Efficient, Too

Converting to an electric heating system can cost thousands of dollars. You don’t have to replace, alter, or add to your home’s heating system to use Bioheat fuel. It works like traditional heating oil, but because Bioheat fuel burns cleaner, it leaves fewer deposits in your heating system, which reduces wear on parts and saves you costs on repairs.

Also, when your heating system runs more efficiently, it will save you money on energy costs.

Why You Can Rely on Us

There’s a lot of things we can’t control—the weather, the price of fuel. But we can do our best to make every one of our customers feel important and confident about their home comfort, and feel good about their carbon footprint. It’s how we’ve built our business and how we plan to keep it. Let us know how we can help.

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