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Should I Buy a Home with Heating Oil?

Date: September 28, 2021

new home heating massachusettsWhen homebuying in the Northeast, an oil-heated house is a popular choice. The age of homes and the rocky ground make natural-gas pipelines less prevalent here. Heating oil is desirable because it is cost-effective, efficient and extremely safe. If you’re house-hunting in the Boston area and find your dream home heated by oil, Cubby Oil & Energy is a full-service provider that will keep your family safe and warm. Read on to learn about the benefits of oilheat!

Cool the Heating Costs

Because of its ability to generate so much heat per gallon, heating oil is extremely cost-effective. Oil prices have fallen drastically over the past decade, and as a homeowner, you can price compare between different suppliers. This competition keeps oil prices as low as possible.
Whether you wish to use oil heating as a primary or secondary heating source, a home fueled by oil will be cheaper to keep warm than most alternative heating options.

Efficiency Matters

On average, heating oil burns about 16% more efficiently than gas. Efficiency ratings of new oil-heat appliances range from 83% to 95% and can have an average life expectancy of 30-plus years if they are properly maintained vs. 11-14 years for a gas furnace. Upgrading your heating oil equipment to a more energy-efficient system pays for itself over a short period, adds value to a home and provides more efficient residential warmth than gas. The hot-water recovery rate of an oil-fueled water heater is twice as fast as a gas water heater. Plus, heating oil creates 140,000 BTUs of heat per gallon while a gallon equivalent of natural gas produces 100,000 BTUs; you burn approximately 40% more natural gas to receive the same measure of heating.

Safe Home, Happy Home

Home heating oil can only be ignited by an advanced burning system in your oil burner or furnace. If you drop a match into the oil that heats your home, it will go out, as if dropped into water!

Unlike natural gas, fuel oil is not explosive, and inhalation of fuel oil fumes is not fatal. The possibility of carbon monoxide entering the home from an oil burner is very low. If you have a systemic malfunction, an oil-heating system provides clear signs such as smoke, odors or even soot before releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Gas heating systems give you no warning of carbon monoxide production or release. Heating oil is often referred to as the “safer” house heating method.

Still on the fence?

Trust the experienced team at Cubby Oil & Energy to field your questions about buying a new oil-heated home. With decades of experience, we provide the highest quality of heating-oil knowledge, delivery services and more in the Boston area. Contact Cubby today!

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