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Looking for Ways to Make Your Life Easier This Winter?

Date: September 13, 2021

Learn All the Benefits of Automatic Deliveries

oil delivery massachusettsThere’s a lot going on these days, so it’s easy to forget little tasks like checking the fuel gauge on your oil tank. Unfortunately, running out of heating oil is not a small problem. 

The most obvious consequence, of course, is being without heat in the middle of winter. Then there’s having to pay for an emergency fill-up. And what if you run out of fuel while you’re away and temperatures plummet? You’ll have to deal with cleanup and repairs from frozen pipes.

Imagine a solution that would take that tiny to-do off your list for good, and at the same time eliminate all those big worries. Cubby’s automatic delivery service is a free and easy way to make your life just a little easier this winter.

The Benefits of Automatic Deliveries

The main benefit of automatic deliveries is that you don’t need to remember to schedule heating oil deliveries. We use a proven industry method to calculate your fuel use (not a crystal ball). We work with a computer algorithm based on your past usage and average temperatures to make sure we fill your tank on time. Usually, that’s when your tank is about one-quarter full.

With automatic deliveries, not only do you eliminate the worry of running out of fuel, you will
avoid the expense and hassle of having your system primed for restart—something that is required after a run-out.

Another nice benefit? Customers signed up for automatic deliveries are eligible to sign up for either our Capped or Fixed Oil Price Plans before winter arrives.

What’s in it for us? It makes things easier on our end too. We are better able to plan deliveries, using the most efficient routes. That saves time and money, savings we can pass on to you.

A fuel run-out can be more than a nuisance. It can be a very expensive mistake. With automatic delivery, you can drastically reduce the odds of having one while also saying goodbye to the hassles and headaches of managing your heating oil deliveries. What’s not to like?

Don’t risk a heating oil run-out – contact us to sign up for automatic deliveries from Cubby Oil & Energy today.

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