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Are Heat Pumps Really That Effective?

Date: July 19, 2021

Cubby Lets You Know!

heat pump efficiency massachusettsAre you considering a new heating system for your home? If so, you may have heard some buzz about heat pumps, in the belief that using electricity for home heating is better than using heating oil.

You may want to take a closer look at heat pumps. One disadvantage of heat pumps is that they rely on outdoor air temperatures to work. When it gets close to freezing, the heater will exhaust more energy and still not effectively warm up your home. The average low temperature in greater Boston in January is 23˚ Fahrenheit. And a visit from the polar vortex can send temperatures plunging much lower. Heat pumps aren’t going to be very effective in these situations.

That’s why so many homes with heat pumps need backup heating systems, like space heaters and furnaces or boilers. More energy is used, driving up heating costs even more.

But a boiler or furnace powered by Cubby’s B40 Bioheat Superplus™ keeps your home comfortably warm with outstanding energy efficiency.

Where Heat Pumps Are Effective

While heat pumps may not be a solution for heating your home, they can be outstanding in another way.

Ductless mini-splits use heat pump technology to keep your home cool. Cubby sells, installs, and services top-quality ductless mini-splits from Mitsubishi.

What kind of homes can use ductless mini-splits? Any kind!

If you live in a home without ductwork, you finally have an alternative between the huge expense of installing ductwork for central air conditioning and inefficient, unsightly, light-blocking window units.

If your home has central air conditioning but it does not reach certain areas of your home, like an addition or a finished sunroom, a ductless mini-split is an easy, cost-effective way to cool those spaces.

Ductless mini-splits offer other advantages. Installation can be much less than central air conditioning, especially when you factor in the cost of adding ductwork. You can zone your cooling for maximum energy efficiency. For example, you only run the mini-split in the living area where you are during the day and run the one in the sleeping area at night.

Contact us to learn more about adding ductless mini-splits to your home!

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