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Electric Heat Pumps for Home Heating?

Date: July 6, 2021

A Cubby Hvac Expert Weighs In

heat pump installation massachusettsWith the recent push in Massachusetts and other states to have homes convert to electricity for home heating, some folks have been looking into heat pumps for their greater Boston homes.

An electric heat pump works by capturing heat from the air outside and transferring it into your home. Cubby service manager Paul Finnegan said that is why electric heat pumps are not a good idea for home heating here in New England.

“But when it’s really cold outside, there isn’t enough heat energy for the heat pump to keep your home comfortable,” he explained. “Older heat pumps can only supply heated air that’s 95˚. That’s colder than your body temperature!”

That’s why homes in our area with electric heat pumps need supplemental heating.

By contrast, furnaces and boilers using our B40 Bioheat SuperPlus™ gets your home warm better and faster than an electric heat pump ever will. It provides a reliable, even heat.

Where the heat pump model is most effective is in home cooling. Ductless mini-splits provide cooling in homes and spaces that don’t have the ductwork needed for central air conditioning. They’re much better than window units in every way. Window units are inefficient, noisy, have a shorter lifespan, can damage window frames, block light, and let in dust, pollen, and bugs.

We install, maintain, and repair top-quality Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits. They are quiet, energy efficient, unobtrusive, durable, and are operated by remote control. They also provide zoned cooling so you only cool the part of the house you’re using, which can save you big bucks on cooling energy costs.

Another bonus: They can provide supplemental heating for days where you need a little warmth but don’t want to turn on the furnace or boiler.

Want to add Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits to your home? Now is the time to do it because you may save thousands of dollars! We offer the largest Mass Save rebates, which can save you up to 25%! Qualifying customers get 0% financing for seven years. Your new mini-splits also come with a 12-year warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Count on Cubby for all your home’s HVAC needs. Contact us for installation or service!

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