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Cubby Service Plans Protect Your Equipment

Date: June 15, 2021

They Also Help Protect Against Big Repair Bills

hvac service tune-up massachusettsThe furnace or boiler in your greater Boston home is on its summer vacation. But it will be back to work eventually.

Make sure it’s ready for next winter by protecting it with a Cubby Oil service plan! Our affordable plans provide the protection of maintenance, and coverage of many parts and repairs.

Our service plans provide many benefits and are a great investment in one of the biggest investments in your home.

Your Heating System Is Maintained Properly

Every Cubby service plan includes an annual tune-up for your heating system That annual tune-up keeps your furnace or boiler in peak condition. Our certified and knowledgeable service technicians thoroughly inspect, clean, and lubricate parts in your heating system, replacing any parts that a worn out.

An annual tune-up also gives Cubby service technicians the opportunity to discover any problems and fix them before they become worse. This can save you from breakdowns and large repair bills. Four out of five furnace and boiler breakdowns can be traced to a lack of maintenance.

You Save Money

Properly maintained heating systems operate at their best possible efficiency. That peak efficiency can cut your heating and cooling energy costs by 10%! When you consider that heating makes up close to half your home’s winter energy costs, those are some sweet savings!

A well-maintained furnace or boiler has a longer life expectancy than one that is not maintained, so you won’t have to replace yours as soon. You’ll get more from your investment.

If your equipment does need repairs, our service plans cover a wide range of parts, and offer discounts on others, helping to reduce your repair costs.

Protect Your Warranty

Most heating system manufacturers today have in their warranties a requirement that you have annual tune-up maintenance performed by a professional service technician. Our service plans can help keep your warranty in effect. That may protect you from repair costs down the road.

Contact us to learn more about and enroll in Cubby service plans!

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