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The Benefits Of Cubby Oil Service Plans

Date: May 10, 2021

Stay Comfortable And Save Money!

equipment service plan massachusettsYou may not think often about your home’s heating equipment. But when you’re facing a breakdown and big repair bills or replacement costs, it’s the only thing on your mind.

You can lower your risk of that while protecting your equipment and potentially extending its lifespan with an affordable Cubby Oil service plan!

Our affordable service plans provide value not only for the maintenance and repair of your furnace or boiler, but also in terms of energy efficiency. Regular maintenance keeps your equipment running at its best possible efficiency. That efficiency means that you’ll pay much less in energy costs than if your equipment isn’t maintained properly.

What You Get With A Cubby Oil Service Plan

An annual maintenance tune-up is a part of all our service plans, helping to protect your equipment and your bank account

A professionally tuned-up HVAC system or water heater runs at its best efficiency, saving you on energy costs. It also runs better so there’s less wear on the parts. A tune-up also gives our certified, knowledgeable, and experienced service technicians the opportunity to closely inspect your equipment and spot problems before they cause further damage or a breakdown, protecting you from higher repair costs.

Many equipment manufacturers require annual professional maintenance for their warranties. Having our service plans can help keep your warranties in effect, protecting you now and in the future.

If you do need repairs, a Cubby Oil service plan may help you save big bucks because many of your HVAC and water heater parts are covered.

You get peace of mind with a Cubby Oil service plan, knowing that your equipment is properly cared for, and that if you ever do need repairs, your repair bill will likely not be as big as it would be without a service plan.

While you may wonder about the costs of service plans, Cubby Oil service plans are not only affordable, but they can also help protect you from having to face replacing your equipment well before you were ready to. Here are some numbers that show how much that can cost you.

National average cost to install a furnace: $4,484

National average cost to install a boiler: $5,838

Cubby Oil service plans help your equipment last longer, with fewer breakdowns. You’ll get more for your money!

Protect your investments in your home and comfort. Contact us today to enroll in our service plans!

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