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Is Biofuel Better For My Home’s Oil Boiler?

Date: February 8, 2021

Discover The Benefits Of B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ Home Heat!

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If you have an oil-fired boiler in your greater Boston home, you know that it is great for keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the frigid winter season much like the one we’re in the midst of now.

In fact, oil heating gets your home warm faster than any other fuel! When you come in from the cold and snow like we had with that recent nor’easter, you can certainly appreciate that! Oil-fired boilers also help to give off an even, non-drying heat.

Now, you may have heard about biofuels being added to heating oil and wondering if they’d be better for your boiler—and what exactly they do differently for your home heating. Take it from us. Cubby Oil ONLY delivers B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ and it is an absolute game-changer when it comes to heating your home and helping the environment.

How B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ Works

Bioheat® is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil combined with premium biofuels which are made from renewable resources such as animal fats, recycled restaurant cooking oils, algae, and plant oils including soybean, rapeseed, and sunflower. Our B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ biofuels are made from locally sourced products which also aids in reducing waste within our communities.

The “B40” part of B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ stands for what percentage of the fuel is made with biofuels. That means B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ is made with 40% biofuels. This high level of biofuels means that B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ burns super clean.

Improving Efficiency In Your Oil-fired Boiler

Did you know? You reduce greenhouse gas emissions for your home heating by up to 30%—immediately. And with 40% biofuels, B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ burns even cleaner than natural gas! But that is just one of the benefits of B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™. Its cleaner burning helps to increase your boiler’s efficiency, which reduces your home heating costs while not giving up an ounce of comfort.

B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ also leaves fewer deposits on your boiler’s internal parts. That helps to reduce wear and tear, meaning you will likely have fewer breakdowns and a longer life expectancy for your boiler than compared to running it with traditional fuel. And while B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ can do all these things for your home, it works in your boiler the same way traditional No. 2 heating oil does. That’s right—you don’t need to add anything to or modify your boiler in any way, shape or form. It’s that easy!

Become a Cubby Oil customer and get B40 Bioheat® SuperPlus™ deliveries to keep your Boston-area home warm and comfy all winter long—with benefits that no other oil delivery provider can match!

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