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Investing In Technology: Serving You Better With The Latest

Date: December 15, 2020

How We Stay Ahead Of The Curve

fuel technology massachusettsNobody saw 2020 unfolding the way it did. Travel restrictions, curfews, various and ever-changing state and city protocols—many businesses simply we not ready or able to adapt to such drastic shifts. But Cubby Oil was prepared for it.

That’s because we learned many lessons just a few short years ago. Do you remember the winter of 2016, and the cataclysmic snowstorms of that season? That was a stark example of how we had to up our game to be able to uphold our high standards of reliability and service in the most challenging times.

We began taking a closer look at all the technological options on the market, to see how we could best invest in technology that enabled us to take care of our customers anytime, anywhere, no matter what came our way.

At the time, we were thinking about being prepared for nor’easters, snowstorms, ice storms, and hurricanes. But it turned out our investments paid off in the midst of a pandemic as well.

Here are the ways we have invested in technology to keep our commitment to giving our customers unbeatable service they can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:

Wireless Technology

We don’t have to be in the office to dispatch delivery drivers and service technicians. We can do it remotely, getting service to you even when the physical office is closed.

On-Board Computers

Every one of our delivery drivers and service technicians have on-board tablets to access your information, your delivery history, and information about your equipment service so they can get the job done right, with all the necessary info they need right at their fingertips.

Account Accessibility

We have upgraded our website to be 100% mobile-friendly for any handheld device. And, we even added the Cubby Oil app to make it easy to do so many things, including: manage your account, request a fuel delivery or equipment service, troubleshoot equipment problems before making a service request, use paperless billing, pay your bill online, and enroll in Auto Pay and Smart Pay—all right from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

While our upgraded technology is great, what makes it all work is the people who use it, manage it, and bring these components all together: The Cubby Oil delivery drivers, service technicians, customer service representatives, and office staff. We always knew we had a great team, and they have shown their greatness in these incredibly trying times.

Looking for a heating oil company that is focused on reliable, respectful service? How about a company who invests in the newest, industry-pioneering ways to make the customer experience as easy, friendly and accessible as possible? Become a Cubby Oil customer today and you’ll experience this first-hand—along with so much more.

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