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The Future Of Bioheat In 2021

Date: December 7, 2020

B50-100 Testing And Other Advancements Are Making Your Heating Oil Cleaner — And Greener!

clean energy with bioheat massachusettsCubby Oil is proud to deliver our B40 Bioheat SuperPlus™—one of the most environmentally friendly heating oils on the market—to homes and businesses all over greater Boston.

What makes Bioheat SuperPlus superior to traditional heating oil? It’s biodiesel components. Biodiesel itself is made from locally sourced resources like plant oil, recycled restaurant grease, algae, and more.

Our Bioheat SuperPlus contains 40% biodiesel. (Hint: That’s where the “B40” part of the name comes from!)

The ultra-low-sulfur heating oil in Bioheat SuperPlus also helps it to be more environmentally friendly. It burns even cleaner than natural gas so you can keep your home warm while dramatically reducing your carbon footprint almost instantly!

That clean burning also reduces wear on your home’s heating system, helping it last longer and needing fewer repairs over its lifespan. And you don’t need to change or add to your current home heating system to use Bioheat.

But we, and the heating oil industry, aren’t stopping here. Our goal is to have B50 Bioheat available for industry-wide use by 2030. We’re even testing Bioheat blends from B50 – B100. From there, we’ll keep working until we reach our goal of carbon-neutral fuel by the year 2050.

Bioheat: A Superior Choice To Electric-Powered Counterparts

All of these factors above are what puts Bioheat as the proper choice for home heating over electricity.

As Bioheat continues to be more and more biodiesel-based, its clean burning makes it a more environmentally friendly option for heating than electricity.

Right now, more than 90% of the coal burned in this country goes towards generating electricity. Between mining and combustion, that coal is producing exorbitant amounts of greenhouse gases.

While the idea of generating electricity from 100% renewable resources sounds great on paper on both the state and national level, in truth, the U.S. is nowhere near that capability and it may be an unreachable goal altogether. Until our electricity supply is less environmentally destructive, it is simply not the best choice for heating when advancements in heating oil are already proving to be ultra-effective.

In addition to the environmental concerns, electrification means forcing homeowners, landlords, and businesses to make costly conversions of their heating systems to electric. Who really wants to pay nearly $20,000 for a conversion to an electric heat pump?

Cubby is the only Boston area energy company that delivers ultra-clean B40 Bioheat SuperPlus™. It will make you feel proud to heat your home with “oil!” Become a Cubby Oil customer today and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is fueled with one of the cleanest, greenest fuels around!

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