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Preparing for this Moment

While the events of the past several months have been unexpected, in many ways, we’ve been preparing for this moment for years.

After the cataclysmic snowstorms in 2016, we made the decision to accelerate our investment in technology so we could serve our customers anytime, from anywhere. That preparation is clearly helping now:

We can dispatch our service techs and drivers remotely, even if the office is closed.
Our drivers and techs have onboard computers with all of your records, which can be pulled up in the field.
You can now access your account, either through our website portal or by using our own app.
We can bypass the mail and email you all of your invoices, and charge your credit card automatically.

We have an unbelievable team here. They make us proud every day with their willingness to take care of our customers when it matters most. And by using technology effectively, they can do exactly that.