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Recent Breakthroughs In Heating Technology

Date: November 16, 2020

Find Out How To Make Your Heating More Efficient!

choosing smart thermostat massachusettsTechnology has changed so much about our world in recent decades. Think about it:

  • The shopping that would have taken us most of a day, between driving to the grocery store, the mall, and other shops, can now be done at home with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • We can manage our money on our phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. We can pay bills, send money, transfer funds between accounts, make investments, and more, 24/7.
  • We can do business any time of the day or night. Need to request a delivery of B40 Bioheat SuperPlus? You don’t have to wait for regular business hours. Just go straight to our website and let us know!

And technology is also helping to make dramatic changes in how we heat our homes, increasing efficiency so we can save money—while reducing our carbon footprint without sacrificing a morsel of comfort.

Here are two of the newest way’s technology is changing the way we heat our homes, that we’ve come to appreciate—as many of our customers do as well!

Smart Thermostats

When programmable thermostats first came on the scene in the 1980s, they were a game-changer when it came to home comfort.

It was such a great innovation in controlling the heating, and cooling, of your home. You could set your thermostat to turn your furnace or boiler down while you’re away during the day, and to turn it back up so the house would be warm and comfortable when you got back.

There were no more worries about forgetting to turn the thermostat down before you left or waiting for the house to warm up after you got home and turned the thermostat up.

Smart technology takes controlling your thermostat to a whole new level.

Most modern-day pieces are directly connected to your home’s WiFi network. You can program your thermostat from anywhere you can get a wireless signal. Heading away for a trip this winter? You can set your thermostat to run at a lower temperature while you’re away and start warming up your home while you’re waiting for a ride home at the airport!

Some smart thermostats have the capabilities to track your energy usage as well, giving you insights so you can better program your home heating to save even more on heating costs. Smart thermostats get their ‘smarts’ in that they can learn your family’s habits, and your heating preferences, and adjust the thermostat settings accordingly based on your continual adjustments and comfort levels—learning in real-time how to suit your needs.

You can even find smart thermostats that let you know when your HVAC equipment needs maintenance or service, too.

These thermostats are reasonably priced and are incredibly easy to install. Popular models include:

Nest Learning Thermostat
Ecobee Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Home

.. and many more!

Outdoor Reset Controls

This technology helps your boiler work more efficiently, which can not only reduce your heating costs, but it can also reduce wear and elongate your boilers shelf life.

An outdoor reset control starts with a sensor placed outside your home that monitors the outside temperature. It sends that information to a microprocessor, which then calculates how much heat your home actually needs and adjusts the boiler’s output accordingly.

It is estimated that outdoor reset controls can save up to 20% on your heating costs.

Cubby Oil has the know-how and experience to take care of your home heating equipment year-round. Contact us today to schedule a tune-up to get your system ready for the winter season ahead—or, to find out more about the newest systems and technologies we have to offer!

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