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Should I Upgrade My Heating Equipment In Late Fall?

Date: November 9, 2020

You Can Still Take Advantage Of Specials And Rebate Opportunities!

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If the recent turn towards cooler weather here in greater Boston has you thinking about the coming winter, its cold temperatures, and wondering if your home’s oil-fired heating system is up for the challenge of keeping your home warm and comfortable for the next four months, fear not—we have some good news for you!

There’s still time to not only upgrade to a new boiler or furnace, but also to take advantage or available rebates and specials! Cubby Oil can help you with all of that, starting with a FREE estimate.

Why Upgrade My Heating Equipment Now?

You may be hesitating on making the move to upgrade. We get it. This is a major investment in your home. But if you’re concerned about your furnace or boiler getting through the winter, there are definitely advantages to upgrading.

The first reason is potential repair costs. If your heating system is near or past its expected lifespan, you can expect that it may break down more frequently. And you may end up just throwing good money away trying to keep it hanging on longer.

A good rule for this is that if repairs cost more than half of what upgrading would cost, upgrading makes the most fiscal sense.

And even if your older heating system doesn’t break down, it is also not as efficient as it used to be, so you’ll be paying more in energy costs.

Today’s oil-fired boilers, for example, are up to four times more efficient than the boilers of just a decade or two ago. So, by upgrading, you’ll be getting money back on your investment in the savings you’ll get from that increased efficiency.

What Rebates And Specials Are Available?

The Mass Save program has rebates available for both oil-fired boilers and furnaces. You can get up to $800 for a qualifying boiler and up to $650 for a qualifying furnace.*

The equipment professionals at Cubby Oil can help you with the application process for the rebates. Our service technicians will safely and expertly install your new oil-fired heating system. And you can count on us for reliable, safe delivery of our B40 Bioheat SuperPlus™, which is not only better for the environment, but better for your new heating system because it burn so much cleaner than traditional heating oil, creating less wear on your equipment!

Our work is guaranteed to provide you with years of comfort. If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation of your current heating system, please contact us and we would be pleased visit to your home and provide you with a comprehensive and competitive quote.

No one does a better job at installing your equipment than Cubby—No one!

*Subject to change; conditions apply. Contact us for details.