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What Exactly Is Bioheat SuperPlus™?

Date: September 21, 2020

This isn’t your dad’s heating oil—that’s for sure!

algae biofuelKeeping your home warm with heating oil has changed a whole lot in recent decades. Thanks to improvements like ultra-low sulfur heating oil and advances in heating equipment technology, oil heating is cleaner, greener, and way more energy efficient than it used to be.

Cubby Oil has taken this to the next level by only delivering B40 Bioheat SuperPlus™!

The Bioheat SuperPlus difference

You can’t get B40 Bioheat SuperPlus from any other heating oil delivery company in greater Boston.

B40 Bioheat SuperPlus is next-generation heating for your home. Forget the old stereotypes of heating oil being dirty, smoky, smelly, or bad for the environment. B40 Bioheat Superplus is a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil made up of at least 40% Biodiesel.

What is Biodiesel, you ask? It’s a renewable fuel source made with locally sourced products like plant oils, algae, animal fats, and recycled restaurant cooking oil.
With 40% Biodiesel, our Bioheat SuperPlus reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 30%–instantly. That means it also burns cleaner than natural gas.

And that’s just the beginning of the benefits Bioheat SuperPlus offers.

Because Bioheat SuperPlus burns so clean, it leaves nearly zero deposits on your heating system’s exchangers and inner workings. That greatly reduces wear and tear on your equipment. Your furnace or boiler can be more efficient, saving you on energy costs. And, because there’s less wear, you’ll likely have fewer breakdowns, need fewer repairs, and the heating system could last longer!

What’s best—You can enjoy all of these benefits without having to make any changes to your existing furnace or boiler.

And because only Cubby Oil offers B40 Bioheat SuperPlus, you also get the benefits of being a Cubby Oil customer. Those benefits include:

  • Reliable, safe delivery
  • The option of Automatic Delivery so you have peace of mind that you’ll always have enough fuel to keep your home warm and comfy
  • Responsive, courteous customer service
  • Payment options and pricing programs that give you more control over your fuel costs
  • Expert equipment installation and service

Enjoy the benefits of clean-burning Bioheat SuperPlus with every drop of fuel we deliver. Become a Cubby Oil customer today—it’s easy!

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