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Indirect Water Heaters: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Date: August 10, 2020

water heater massachusettsIf the only kind of water heater you know of is the conventional water heater, you may be wondering what an indirect water heater is and why it’s something you should consider for your greater Boston home.

We’re here to tell you all about them, and why they’re such a great option:

What is an indirect water heater?

Indirect water heaters use heat transfer to create hot water. There aren’t any electric or gas heating elements in the water heater tank itself.

Heat transfer coils run between the tank and a boiler or furnace. The fluid in the coil is heated in your furnace or boiler, sent to the water tank where it cools off, and then cycles back through to the boiler or furnace.

What are the advantages of an indirect water heater?

Indirect water heaters use the energy that is already being generated by your furnace or boiler to keep your home warm to also heat your water. By doing double duty this way during the winter months, an indirect water heating system basically provides your hot water for no added effort or expense. The savings this creates are nothing to sneeze at when you realize that heating water makes up about 20 percent of your home’s energy usage and energy costs!

But, saving money on energy bills isn’t the only reason to consider an indirect water heater. Another reason is that you’ll only have one burner to maintain. Indirect water heaters typically have a faster recovery time (the time it takes to re-heat a tank of water) than a conventional storage water heater. That means there’s less time you and your family have to wait between showers in the morning, running multiple loads of laundry, or similar. Indirect water heater systems also, on average, have a longer shelf life than conventional water heaters.

Like any appliance, it takes training and experience to install an indirect hot water maker correctly so it will operate efficiently enough to make the investment worthwhile. That’s where the service technicians at Cubby Oil come in. We have the skill and know-how to get the job done right, and keep your system running at peak efficiency for years to come!

If you’re looking for a smart water-heating alternative, an indirect hot water maker could be just the ticket.

Cubby Oil & Energy is your best choice for water heater installation in Somerville, Malden or anywhere in Greater Boston. We have decades of experience in evaluating our customers’ hot water needs. We will be happy to review your usage and provide a free estimate for a new water heater installation, along with the savings you will experience with your new unit. Contact us today to get started!

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